Welcome. I Love You.



Jenean here.

I want to share with you my secret. I have a superpower….well several, but we’ll get to that later.

What is my superpower?

Well, it is not flying or walking through walls (although those would be cool!)

It is much more subtle and (in my opinion valuable) in this human experience we call life.

I have the power to experience peace in any moment, by simply looking through the eyes of Spirit.

Yep. I have Spirit Vision. (no, not the kind of vision where I see dead people).

The kind of Spirit Vision where no matter what is happening in your life, I can see it from Spirit’s perspective. I can see the lessons and purpose in the moment.

Why is this an awesome superpower?

Because in any moment..no matter what is happening, I can experience peace, know that everything is working perfectly and stand in unconditional love for myself and others.

I can see the ‘reason’ for it existing in my life and for me..this answers that big question…why? Why is this happening to me? This is what my logical brain needs to feed on in order to relax.

The REALLY cool part?  I can teach you to do this too!

That’s where the fun begins for me..helping you see through the eyes of Spirit.
Here’s the deal.

In every person, situation and experience, there are 2 perceptions ~ Spirit and human.

Most pain and struggle comes when our expectations and perception are lined up with our human vision.

Shift to Spirit’s vision and herein lies peace and unconditional love.

It is my mission to help one million people learn to fall in love with their human journey, have the ability to find peace in any moment, and love themselves unconditionally.

Because when we are at peace and love ourselves unconditionally, then we naturally bring peace and unconditional love to others and the world needs so much more of these.

Will you join me?