Get Rid of Your Headache with the 7th Chakra

Location: Top of head

Element: Consciousness/ Enlightenment

Color: Violet

Energy: Realization, Awareness

Relates to: General intelligence of the body, pituitary gland

This chakra is a direct connection to the Higher Self, Spirit, God, Consciousness, whichever name you choose to give it. This is where the ideas connect with you.

The path of creation/manifestation goes like this:

7th chakra = idea is created

6th chakra = you imagine it…daydream

5th chakra = you give voice to it…share it with others

4th chakra = create a relationship with it…fully accept the idea

3rd chakra = act on it = give it your energy

2nd chakra = achieve connection…it becomes part of you

1st chakra = it is manifest…you see physical results

This process is true regardless of what you are creating: it could be a business, losing weight (creating you), giving up an addiction (again creating you), having a child, moving to a new home.

Characteristics of a balanced crown chakra:

~Spiritual connection


~Wisdom/ Mastery

~Ability to question and analyze


Deficient characteristics

~ Cynicism

~Learning difficulties

~Rigid belief systems



Excessive characteristics:


~Disconnection from spirit


~Living ‘in your head’


So, how does this play out at work?

Have you ever experienced a time when a problem arose and you became frustrated, angry or fed up? Then…more than likely within the hour you developed a headache (along with elevated blood pressure!)

Then you have experienced the effects of having a blocked crown chakra.

During times of challenge and change we need to EXPAND our crown chakra rather than contract it! How do I do that you ask?

Well…it’s rather simple actually.

During the moment where you begin to become angry or frustrated instead of pouting, moaning, whining, bitching or otherwise asking Why this is happening…ask yourself How.

How can you work with this?

How can you use this?

How can you turn this around?

By asking How we are living in the realm of possibility.

You move from the ‘It has to be this way’

To the ‘gray area’

Try this for one day

I promise you, your headache will go away!

Notice the shift

Live Love,


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Your Heart Chakra At Work

Location: Heart                                                       

Element: Air

Color: Green

Energy: Love

Relates to: lungs, heart, upper back, ribs, inner arms, hands, respiratory

system and breath

The heart chakra rests in the sacred middle of the system; it is the bridge between the etheric upper chakras and the physical lower chakras. The heart represents expansion, softness and balance.

Characteristics of a balanced 4th chakra





Deficient characteristics



~Fear of intimacy


Excessive characteristics


~ Being a martyr


~Being a pleaser


So let’s explore what this has to do with work.

Put your heart into everything you do. How you approach your projects, customers, people, and your boss changes how they respond to you.

Today’s thought is short and simple, but profoundly life altering.

The biggest struggle people have at work tends to be relationships.

I have a secret for you when it comes to people

— They are holding up a mirror, simply reflecting back what you are giving

This means that whatever is annoying or frustrating you or whatever excites or makes you happy….is coming from you.

Read that again…..

They are holding up a mirror, simply reflecting back what you are giving

This means that whatever is annoying or frustrating you or whatever excites or makes you happy….is coming from you.

Let that soak in….with each experience you have today, come back to this thought….and listen to your inner wisdom.

How you can deeper understand this:

In a moment today, where you are experiencing annoyance or frustration or something similarly negative….define what specifically it is that is annoying you and then ask yourself…Where does this exist in me?


–I regularly get frustrated at work when someone does not perform a task I expect them to.

–I ask myself what is it specifically that I am frustrated with

–I see so much more in this individual than they see in themselves and I get frustrated that they are not living up to their potential

–Then I turn it around (my reflection)…Where do I feel I am not living up to my potential?

–Get honest….I am focusing on busywork, instead of that project that really excites me

–What step can I take right now to work on that project. I can delegate the small task at hand and this would free up 30 min to create some forward movement.

Turning it around and recognizing that the person is simply reflecting back to you what you are giving allows you to step out of the victim role and own the power you have to change your experience…all this without guilt, shame or anger!

It’s a tool that was given to us to help us create the world we want by recognizing what we don’t want!

Happy reflecting!

Notice the shift.

Live Love,


I would love to hear what you experienced with this exercise and Share the love it you found it useful!

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