The meaining behind your cough

Frog In Your Throat Box 1


Did you know the throat is the seat of change in the body?



Have you ever started talking to someone and suddenly you started coughing or clearing your throat?

Notice what you are talking about, that is your body showing you that you are struggling to accept what you are saying.


Last week, I shared with you how I had gone into a funk when I expanded my vision.

This week, I am moving forward and clearing any limiting beliefs that are coming up and I am dealing with new levels of self-worth and deserving.



(Each time you up-level yourself, you will come up against deeper levels of your limiting beliefs)



After pulling some Fairy cards and journaling, I realized I had some beliefs of ‘deserving this dream’ to clear out.

I was clearly seeing that on some level, I didn’t fully believe I could have what I wanted. The old thought of ‘Who am I to have that’ came up.



So I decided to create an affirmation, “I deserve to receive abundance with ease” and then went for my morning walk.


As I began to run this mantra through my mind to allow it to sink in, I began to cough. The more I said this mantra, the harder I began to cough.


I recognized then on a deeper level I was not open to embodying this new belief. It didn’t feel real.


So I did 2 things, to begin to shift my energy.

The same 2 actions I tell all my clients to take when they are struggling to accept a new belief.



1. I moved my throat energy to clear my chakra (read more about the throat chakra here)

Here’s how I do that: I wave my hand back and forth about 1 inch in front of my throat. (A motion that looks sort of like I am brushing something off my neck)


2. I change the mantra to say, “I am WILLING TO LEARN to deserve to receive abundance with ease”

Continue this for several minutes, until the coughing resides.


When we aren’t yet ready to accept the new thought, simply being open and willing to learn creates the crack that the Universe needs to begin to shining the light in your dark places.


When using mantras or affirmations, it is good practice to repeat them regularly until they sink in. I also like to write them on post-it notes and place them around the house, until it becomes real for me.



P.S. Have you tried affirmations before or created mantras and they don’t seem to work? Leave a comment below and together we will make shift happen!




*Thanks to Infrogmation of New Orleans for the photo!

Throat Chakra~ Speak Your Truth…With Love

Location: Throat

Element: Sound, vibration                                                                                            

Color: Bright Blue

Energy: expression, raw energy

Relates to: neck, shoulders, mouth, jaw, thyroid

The fifth chakra is the mind/body connection point. It is the location of self-expression…to speak and live your truth authentically. It is where you take the will of the third chakra, add it to the breath of the fourth chakra and give energy and purpose to the ideas that are coming from the mind to communicate, grow and love yourself, others and your world.

Characteristics of a balanced 5th chakra:

~Clear communication with others

~Good listener

~Good communication with self

~Full voice


Deficient characteristics:

~Difficulty putting things into words

~Fear of speaking

~Excessive shyness


Excessive characteristics

~Talking too much or inappropriately



~Inability to keep secrets/confidentiality

Now on to how this relates to your work.

Speak your truth, with love.

The throat is where the feelings of the heart meet the ideas of the mind and when we give them a voice, we are moving them to the next level of creation.

Your thoughts and feelings create your words, your words create action, and your actions create your reality.

Your job is to ensure you are creating what you really want.

When asked for your opinion on a project, do you simply agree with the boss or do you give your true opinion?

Do you gossip about others?

Many people are stuck in the victim mentality; the idea that they are not responsible for the outcome of their lives. Maybe you are one of them.

It is an exhausting and frustrating place to be, but it is possible to change that simply by changing the thoughts you have and the words you speak.

The first step to this is to really be aware of the words that come out of your mouth. Many people have been raised with this mindset and are simply unaware of the negative ‘automatic response’ that they have.

Challenge: Make this your ‘Week of Awareness’.

Each day that you take your lunch….listen

Simply be aware of what your co-workers are saying. Are they being positive and discussing ideas, solutions and self-reflection or are they complaining and gossiping?

What are you saying? How are you responding to their energy? Are you joining in the bitch session or are you offering solutions or simply walking away.

Taking responsibility for your thoughts, feeling and words is the first step to speaking your truth and changing your life.

Try it for one week. Notice the shift.


Live Love,


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