How to Move Through Resistance

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Do you ever wake up with things on your plate (that you put there) and then find you don’t really want to get your day started?
You get up drink, play on your phone, pet the cats and find yourself lying back in bed?

This happened to me recently and it was my day off and I had 3 things planned for that day 2 personal and 1 business related and I wondered what was going on.

I felt into my body and found I wasn’t tired, so it wasn’t rest that was being called for.

This prompted me to have a conversation with my Spirit Posse to discover why I was holding resistance to getting my day started.
Me: Hey team, why am I so resistant to get moving today? I only have 3 things I have to do, so what is going on?
SP: You don’t HAVE to do anything. Remove the have to’s.
With that small reminder I chose to switch HAVE to with WANT to and decided to explore of the 3 things, which do I want to do?
So I took everything off my plate and felt into that. I literally asked myself ‘How does it feel to do nothing today?’

I realized that felt off, I wanted to do some of the things I had planned…they sounded fun!

With that recognition, I then took each item and put it back on my plate, one at a time.

With each item, tuning into how it felt.
As I did this it became very clear that I wanted to do the personal stuff, but I didn’t want to do the business stuff.

Done. I removed the business stuff and said only personal for me today!

As soon as I had declared what I wanted to do and gave myself permission to do that, I immediately felt excited to get moving and I was gently reminded that I had declared at the beginning of the year, I was going to take one day a week for play and today was my play day!

It was even marked in my calendar, I had simply forgotten it. That is why business stuff wasn’t aligned for today.

Off I went – first stop massage!
Funny thing happened on the way to the massage place, I got a clear download of my next Huffington Post article.
I was so excited and knew I needed to jot it down! So there I am sitting in the parking lot of the massage place texting myself notes.

Once the notes were documented, it was back to play!

As I headed in for a much needed massage, I thanked my Posse for helping to keep me moving forward in my biz, while also aligned with my intention of fun.

Do you have a process for moving through resistance to starting your day? I’d love to hear it!
Share with me over in the comments.
Sending big love,
Jenean Jenean-YouAreAwesome

Are You Choosing Self-Love?




When you think of self-love, do you think of it as a separate thing from you?
I mean, is it like another to do on your long list?
Do you actually have to ask yourself, “How can I love myself today?” and then think…ooohhh..I’ll paint my nails..yay me!

Yet, you still feel drained, over-exerted and overwhelmed and you think, “But I painted my nails! Why don’t I feel better…what gives?”



First of all, great job on taking the first step, in recognizing that your relationship with you needs some serious TLC and that adding you to your to-do list is a great step in cultivating awareness around self-love.

However, if you stop there, you are missing the mark.
Self-love is not just checking things off your to-do list, but a deeply sacred way of living.

This means that when you are fully in love with you, all of your thoughts, words and deeds are a demonstration of your love for you.


Did I just overwhelm you? Freak you out?

Did you just scream, ‘but that is so selfish’ at the computer?” (Hey, I heard that!)


Okay, let’s back up a second here…

Take a moment and reflect on your day yesterday.
Literally walk yourself through your day and ask what level of self-love each action or choice demonstrated.


Here are some examples to get you started:

~ I didn’t have time for breakfast, so I grabbed a doughnut and coffee.
~ I woke up 30 min early and went for a run before getting ready for work.
~ I went to bed early the night before to create some meditation time before everyone else got up today.
~ I slept in, ate a big breakfast and then watched some TV
~ I played with the cats for a while and then jumped on the phone to chat with a girlfriend.
~ I was angry at a co-worker, so I went to lunch with a friend and ‘vented’ for an hour.


What do you think? In each of these choices, what level of self-love is being demonstrated?

Now it’s your turn.
What choices did you make yesterday and what level of self-love did they demonstrate?

This is not about judgement, this is simply an exercise to deepen your awareness.


I encourage you to play with this exercise over the coming week and notice where you feel ‘off’ from the experience of self-love you desire in your life to what you are actually giving yourself in the moment.

This life is sacred and beautiful and it is yours to experience any way you choose.

Will you choose love?


Live Love,


ReRun:Finding Grace in Laundry

Finding Grace In Laundry



I am sitting alone in a quiet home.

No noise, but the sound of a plane over head and the wind in the trees *ahhhh, silence*

Not alone really…my kitty is snuggled next to me; an ever-faithful companion.

I breathe deeply and shift my awareness to my place of love and gratitude.

I appreciate the opportunity to read, move, think and meditate.


I find love in my messy house, my undone homework, my needing a shower and even my knowledge I’ll be at work in a few hours

I am so very grateful.                                      

FreedomNot many years ago –

I couldn’t move without becoming nauseous

I couldn’t walk freely

I couldn’t bathe myself

I couldn’t read because of headaches

I couldn’t focus to meditate

All I could do is lie next to my kitty

And feel miserable


I now choose when and how to move

I now read at my leisure

I find joy in my days

I find grace in being able to do laundry

I find peace in daily meditation

I find beauty in the mundane and

Love in every moment


Living a life of gratitude is not found in things you own, how much money you have, or what you achieve.

Living a life of gratitude is knowing the world would be missing something very valuable if you were not in it.

-Neale Donald Walsch


**Radical Act of Self-Love** 

Discover gratitude ~

Write down 111 things you are grateful for.

Yes, that right…111!

Reflect on this list. Discover what gratitude feels like.

Warmth in your tummy, tingles in your toes,lightness in your chest, deepness in your breath, calm in your heart?

Become best friends with this feeling.

As you feel gratitude for your life as it is now… this allows you to bring more things into your life to be grateful for.

Live Love,



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How You Can Change The World


About a year ago, I was brainstorming with some peers and we got this BRILLIANT idea!

My amazing work partners and I tried it out  with fantastic results

If implemented company-wide I feel it would

change the way the company is ran,

change the way the customers feel,

change the employees’ experience of their work place,

change how the executive management responds

…in short it would change lives…change the world!


Yet, I needed everyone else’s opinion. I needed them to agree that they too thought it could change everything and it was a brilliant idea.

Some agreed and some did not.

So I did nothing.

I let it simmer in the back of my mind… occasionally pulling it out and revisiting and every time my heart said the same thing. DO IT!


Fast forward to a year later, I finally say, ‘Fuck it. What do I have to lose?”

Terrified (of public speaking and rejection) I approach my boss and ask for 5 minutes of time to present my idea.

She agrees and I breathe.


I am thrilled and scared, so I plan on spending the next month preparing the perfect presentation. Except…due to a change in her schedule the meeting is pushed up and I have one week!! EEEK!

I freak out for about 15 minutes and manage to talk some sense into myself that 1 week is more than enough time until… LIFE gets in the way! If it could happen… that week, it happened.

Now it is the day before and I haven’t even begun…thinking of postponing the meeting, but I don’t want to look like a flake in front of my boss.

So I throw together a powerpoint, invite the angels in and pray for the best.

Funny thing happened….my voice was wobbly, the presentation wasn’t super awesome, but she wasn’t focused on any of that…she was taken by my passion for the message. Since this idea was close to my heart, the words just flowed (maybe not eloquently) but in that moment it didn’t matter.

She gave me a few suggestions for improvement and the meeting was over…


Later that day, I received an email stating she had shared the idea with another director and he wanted to pilot it at his location and wanted me to facilitate it!

Move to scene: Me on cloud nine, dancing and giggles galore!


Why am I telling you this ridiculously long story?

Because I wanted to show you that fear holds us all back; no one gets a pass.

Imagine what my life, the company and the world would look like today if I hadn’t let fear hold me back for that year!


What dream/ idea/ passion are you holding onto that needs to be set free?

Where is fear showing up and telling you

it’s not the right time…no one else cares…that’s not how things are done…wait unti you have more money/ finish school/ raise the kids/ the snow melts/ you get permission…you are not enough

I am here to tell you:


The world is waiting for what you are holding back.

It doesn’t matter how many others are doing it…no one can do it quite like you!

I am facing my fears and taking a stand for love this year so I can live my dreams and in the process change the world…will you join me?


Angels and prayers,