I Took a HUGE Leap of Faith!


You may (or may not) have noticed this last week, I have been a little absent.
I took a huge leap of faith and began making an intense shift in my life. I am choosing to move through this transition fully conscious and aware, so it has been taking all the spiritual tools, problem-solving acumen and physical energy I could muster to take the first few steps.
It is amazing to me how much can shift in your life in 1 week and I can only imagine what is going to evolve in the next few weeks.
However, by choosing to stay conscious and not hide, run from or numb my feelings this week has taught me more about living in the moment and staying present to Spirit than any book or interview ever could.
You may be confused, so let me go back:
In February, I was trying to get clear on what I wanted the next year to look like because suddenly my life no longer ‘fit’ me. I was surrounded by things and people that felt like a me that no longer existed.
So I decided I wanted to travel, purge all that no longer supported me in my ‘new’ life and really learn what it is like to live a simpler and less cluttered life.
I then began looking at the details of what that would look like.
I decided  that I wanted to travel the U.S. in an RV for at least a year (in lieu of paying rent), so I could meet with you amazing guys and gals in person, see the country and experience a simpler way of life.
I was planning on embarking on this travel excursion starting next year.
Diving timing had another plan.
I was feeling pulled more and more to make this happen, and in June, I began giving my stuff away.
On July 1st, I managed to pack up everything I own (90% lighter), my 2 cats and set off across the country in my Jeep.
I was being called to take a complete leap of faith as I did not have a place to move into. I was living day by day, moment by moment. My only focus was on my needs in that moment.
Now back to today.
I am scouting for the perfect RV, while crashing at my mom’s for a week.
I have been reflecting the fact that a year ago, I would never have had the courage to take such a blind leap. I can honestly say, it is one of the most liberating experiences of my life.
Here is why I am telling you this:
It never would have happened if I had not learned to manage my ‘inner game’.
You see, you can spend your life learning all kinds of ways to do something, but until you learn how to step through fear and  doubt, connect to the Angels and Divine and create the right support system you will forever keep ‘getting stuck’ at every obstacle that comes your way.
It is my mission to give you all the best tools and strategies so you can move past any obstacle in your business and life and take your own ‘Leap of Faith’.
I am excited to announce my Master Your Inner Game program to keep you moving (or get you started) on your path to success.
This is a new program I created to help you:
 ~ Get comfortable with the uncomfortable
 ~ Trust in your intuition
~ Connect with your Angels
~ Understand the Divine Purpose in Every Moment…no matter what is going on!
~ Learn the process of change
~ Have a strong support system to keep you moving when you feel like just giving up
Does this resonate with you? Are you getting goose bumps right now and a soft voice inside is saying YES!
Then book time to talk with me this week, to see if  it is a good fit for you.
Here’s to love and courage,
P.S. What would your life look like if you had the tools to know exactly when and where to take your next step?
What if you knew without a doubt that the next step was the right step and you had support at every turn?
Then make time to talk to me today and let’s get you moving toward your dreams! Go here:


The Grand Process of Change

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.                            ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer


That simple word brings terror to some and excitement to others.

It is a 6 stage process and if you understand the stages, it becomes much easier to manage and causes a lot less frustration.

You can move through the process as quickly or as slowly as is right for you; for an easier read, I have chosen an example of changing the habit of gossiping, but you can put in whatever issue that is relevant to you.

Stage 1: I gossip; without any realization of doing it.                                     

Stage 2: I gossip, but don’t realize I have until much later.

Stage 3: I gossip, but don’t realize I have until immediately after

Stage 4: I gossip and recognize what I am doing while I am doing it. Continue to do it.

Stage 5: I gossip and recognize what I am doing while I am doing it. I stop immediately.

Stage 6: I am aware I am about to gossip. I don’t gossip.

Awareness is the key. The more you are aware of your thoughts and actions….the more quickly you can change them.

It has been said that it takes 28 days to change a habit.

It has also been said it takes 40 days to change a habit in your physical and emotional self.

You can move through change at any pace that feels comfortable for you. I like the 40 day process the best. This gives me a week to shift my awareness from one level to the next and really lets it sink in, as long as I keep the focus daily.

Try it out for a week and notice the shift.

Live Love,