Stop Trying to Fix You!




I am just gonna say it.

NOTHING is wrong with you.


Hold up! Reread that statement again and notice how your BODY responds to it.

NOTHING is wrong with you.


Do you feel lighter?

Did you smile?

Did you take a deep breath?

Did your heart rate speed up slightly because it’s like I just told you a dirty little secret (and you liked it)!?


Good.  Remember that.


Now re-read it and notice how your MIND responds.

NOTHING is wrong with you.


Did it start in with

Yeah, but..?

You are crazy, just look at my life, something is obviously wrong with me?

You don’t understand, you don’t know how fat my toes are, how flat my hair is, that stupid thing I said to that guy yesterday and how I can’t even finish this paper I am trying to write!


Whew…okay, take a deep breath now and come back to center. Notice how your mind immediately jumped into a negative cycle and your body felt better?


This is the disconnect between fear and love. 

Fear is only a form of energy and energy is simply a form of communication and the conversation can always be shifted.

The only reason it is bothers you is because you haven’t learned the language of energy. That’s it.

It’s kind of like trying to have a phone conversation in french and all you have is a English/French translation book….not gonna get very far and it will be reallllly frustrating.


Your body is the doorway of communication between your physical self and your higher self; it is an immediate way to receive Divine Direction and to access your truth.

You have the power, ability and choice to choose love over fear in any moment. You can choose to go with the feeling in your body or the words in your mind.


For this week, play a game with yourself.
Choose to pretend as if your life is a play you are observing and not respond to any situation as if it is happening to you directly, but as though you are observing it.

Notice how you are responding to various people, places and experiences.
Do you immediately leap from your head with the energy of fear or do you pause and choose a response from your body with the energy of love?


Choose love. It’s time.


Big hugs,



P.S. I will be opening just 3 spots in my Owning Your Awesome: Live Like a Spiritual Badass private mentorship for those of you that have a BIG vision, BIG desires and BIG dreams, but are holding yourself back with all your fears, doubts and negative thinking. Watch for the details…this is gonna rock!

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I No Longer Hate What I See in the Mirror




Loving yourself has everything to do with losing weight and being healthy.

Coach Michelle talks about her 3 step system: Know, Love and Heal Yourself and it is an awesome system.
Here’s the deal:
I have been working with Michelle for 8 months now and I won’t say I have lost a bunch of weight, but I can say my life is dramatically different now then when I began working with her.
You see, I have always hated myself.
For most of my life, I hated myself for who I thought I was (fat, ugly, worthless) and for who I wasn’t and thought I should be (tall, thin, book and street smart). No matter what I did or accomplished, I was plagued by the ‘Not Enough’ syndrome and all the guilt and shame that comes along with that.
About 7 years ago, I began a spiritual journey and began to transform my life. I met Michelle during a time, when I realized I needed to love my body (which I thought meant lose weight) in order to move keep moving forward.
I have jumped in with both feet when it comes to the internal lessons and shifts I needed to learn, however I have fought her when taking action. So you could say I am playing for both the offense and defense….hard to win a game that way 😉
I am slowly coming around to consistency in action, but I will say my inner shifts have been dramatic. You see I can now stand in front of a camera and actually smile; I stood up at my last business mastermind and gave a bad-ass speech without worrying at all about how I looked (and that has never. ever. ever. happened before!); even though I am an introvert I find myself starting conversations with strangers! (WHA????); and most importantly, I no longer cringe when I look in the mirror, I now can wholeheartedly smile and LOVE what I see!
I know right!!
The time I have spent with Michelle has seriously allowed me to dive deep into the Know and Love yourself pieces….and I know as the healing occurs inside, so will it occur outside.
Hugs and Healing,
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Women have lost the ability to trust in their own heart, listen to their bodies and believe in themselves and that is fueling our life of fear and scarcity.

It is part of my life’s purpose to help every woman reconnect with themselves and live a confident , prosperous life where you have the money, time and freedom to explore and create the life of your dreams.

It all starts with believing in you.” Jenean Zunk

Michelle Greenman is The Women’s Wellness Coach.MG1

I am a coach who works with professional women who want a healthier lifestyle, one that fits their busy schedule and gets results like maintaining a healthy weight, creating natural energy and disease proofing their bodies. My 7 steps natural health program teaches them how to take control their health, to know, love and transform their body.

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Ready to be a badass?

I have 2 super big (like humungous) items to share with you today!!

I am for-going the normal Thursday RBB post (don’t worry, it will be back next week)


Here’s the deal:


Deciding to step out and share your truth (even if it is to help others) is a very vulnerable and scary thing to do. So many things go through your mind like: Am I good enough, what if people don’t like me, what if they laugh and throw rocks (that really happened to me when I was younger)!


What is even scarier is if they reject your offer, idea, cause…then it feels like they are rejecting you.


Sometimes the fear of showing your truth and the rampant thoughts of not being good enough is so much that it can paralyze you and prevent you from valuing your own gifts and using them for the reason they were given to you in the first place.


Look, I get it.


Becoming an entrepreneur and birthing a business is one of the most intense spiritual journeys I have ever embarked on. It has forced me to look at and deal with every demon and limiting belief I have about myself and I am only in year 2!


Like an onion, I know once I clear one limiting belief, it will simply reveal another deeper level that needs to be healed.


I am beyond okay with this, because each time I go through it I gain tools and resources I can use for a lifetime and the rewards on the other side are ABSO- FUCKING- LUTELY amazing!!


Yes, I swear and I totally get it, if that turns you off, but it is who I am and I am going to stand in that…unapologetically.

(Feel free to opt-out below if you don’t resonate with my truth)


It is crazy to take this journey alone because in order to push forward, you need a perspective that is outside of your own!


Here’s my philosophy: When I want to learn something, I find someone who has done it and ask them for advice. And because I cannot keep anything good to myself, I knew I had to share this information so you could get of doubt and into your awesome too!!!


Which is why I created this:

A telesummit and podcast dedicated to providing you tools to know and love yourself deeper, so you can do the work you were created to do!

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Owning Your Awesome:

Conquer Self-Doubt, Claim Your Greatness and

Live a Life that Rocks

Starting today you will be able to listen to the most bad-ass, successful and fearless entrepreneurs, thought leaders and game-changers out there lighting the way for the rest of us on my podcast.

From May 1 – May 11 you can hear replays from the popular Bashful to Badass series I created last year and then every Tues a new intimate conversation will be released to help you live your biggest, badassest, most courageous life ever!


Go here to subscribe on podbean:

Go here to listen to the kick-off interview:


To officially launch the podcast ~ I wanted a big kick-off!

So I pulled together some pretty awesome interviews to start us off right.

Check it out here:

This is the biggest and greatest thing I have done in my career so far and am very excited to help you transform your fear and doubt into love, just like I have done with mine.

I do hope you find these resources as invaluable as I have.


Here’s to living free and standing in your power!

Hugs and love,