How to Handle Life’s Frustrating Pace

Ever feel like everything seems to be all happening at once or not at all?

Life tends to be moving too fast and feels scary or too slow and feels stuck; both leave us feeling disconnected and discontent

Rarely is life moving at a pace in which we are thrilled ~ let alone, when it does, have it stay that way for long.


So what do you do when life is moving at a pace that makes you uncomfortable?


Here are 3 things to consider when you are frustrated with life’s pace:


Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

Life has an ebb and flow to it and trying to control that flow is like trying to control the waves of the ocean.

Instead of fighting the waves (can you imagine us in bathing suits with a sword and shield at the beach..haha!)

Try surfing them. Have you ever noticed how calm surfers are?

It’s because they have learned the secret of going with the flow of life and having fun while riding the waves the ocean gives them.



Be the calm.

Create the energy you want to feel regardless of what is happening outside of you.

In keeping with the ocean analogy, it is important to notice that it is only the surface that has waves and is full of movement. In the depths, it is calm and serene.

You can choose which energy to use in any moment ~ ride the wave (ease + action), thrash in the wake (struggle) or be in the calm (ease + stillness).


Stay in the present moment and the present moment ALWAYS changes

Life is lived in the present moment. You’ve heard all the spiritual teacher say this…because it is true.

Time is in the 4th dimension and since you are living in a 3rd dimension reality (which is transcending to a 5th dimension…another topic for another time) you have the experience of time.

If in the moment, you can step back to see the big picture, you will see that what you are experiencing right now is a small part of your big journey. There is a bigger purpose for what is happening in your life. A preparation for your next step.  If you can learn to embrace each part of the journey, the fast, slow and in between, it will make it a lot more fun and before you know it…things will shift again.


Big love,

Jenean                                     Jenean-YouAreAwesome


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Are You Feeling Unsupported?



How supported are you feeling right now?

I’ve talked to a lot of women and here are a few things I hear over and over:


“I really want to create a deeper connection to Spirit, but who am I to think that God or the angels would come down and talk to me?”




“I need to make more money, but no one will even call me for an interview, I’m just so broke.”




“My job and family demand all of my time and now my mother is ill so I am taking care of her as well, I want some time to myself, but I just don’t see how it is possible!”
Can you relate?
I want to share one of my clients with you, her name is Dana.


When I first spoke with Dana, she told me she  was out of work, her car was broken and she needed to make some money. She was applying everywhere and even though she is highly qualified, she wasn’t even getting calls for interviews.


Dana and I began brainstorming ways she could make some money and she admitted to me that she loved making doll clothes, but she ‘just didn’t have the time for it any more and no one was buying anyway.’
So her challenge was money, time and self- doubt.
With those challenges and a goal of making money doing what she loved, we set out together and created a plan that would allow her to address both the internal issues (self- doubt, confidence, fear) and external issues (business plan, time management, marketing).


Each month Dana and I met and worked on her inner issues together and then she left with action steps to work on the external issues in between sessions. The first few months were challenging and then boom….in the 3rd month she hit her stride.


With new tools in hand, strong support and regular accountability, she cleared out her limiting beliefs, re-prioritized her time and tasks, recognized her value outside of doing things for others (she realized how awesome she just because), skyrocketed her confidence and launched her business.
She is fast becoming a local celebrity, taking custom orders, making regular money and is set up with a strong growth plan (oh….and she doesn’t even have a website up yet!)


She is also designing her first ongoing package, to bring in re-occurring income!


All this in 6 months simply by resetting and aligning her beliefs, thoughts and actions with her desire while having strong support and accountability.
Imagine if you took the action necessary, had the right support and accountability and said yes to investing in yourself….
where could you be in 6 months?  That’s February.


How does it feel to think in February, you could be on your way to living your dream?
If you are really ready to make this the year, shit starts to happen,  then schedule time to talk with me now.
I have a few spots left in my ‘Master Your Inner Game’ program.
I am opening my calendar WIDE for the next 7 days, so go here to chat with me: 


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{RBB} Sometimes its overwhelming

Sometimes life gets so overwhelming

and you lose focus.


That’s what happened to me last weekend.

I was on a roll, doing great at drinking 60 oz. of water a day and then it happened.

Drama and stress arrived at my doorstep and I invited it in.

You know those times where everything seems to shift to crap in one day?

That’s when I did it: I stopped focusing on caring for me and started caring about my to do list.

This, of course, added more stress and you know what I did to counteract it…I ate.

I stopped drinking water and grabbed the sugar.

This lasted for 3 days before I was able to see the light, refocus, give myself a much needed hug and get back on the rockstar train.


As of Monday, I am back and more determined than ever to shift into awesome.


Now to bring this back to money…

Many times we set this big goal and somewhere along the way we slip up. We begin to beat ourselves up for not being perfect, but you know what….screw perfect.

When you slip up.. no need to torture yourself, use it as an opportunity to learn more about yourself, like I realized stress had a huge impact on my weight because I go into autopilot and eat everything!!

The important part is consistency and commitment.

If you fall off the proverbial wagon….get back on.

Wanna have an emergency fund?

Start putting away $1 a day. Seriously….

The simple act of putting away money every day, will allow your energy to shift to that of abundance and gratitude (read: love) and more will come your way.

This one act will actually save you more money that putting $30 each month….pssst. it’s the consistency that is the secret.

Don’t believe me? I challenge you.

Put $1 in a jar, every day for 180 days and tell me if you don’t end up with more than $180.

Money attracts money, so the act of increasing your wealth daily with the $1 will allow more money to flow in from another channel.

Try it…I dare you.

If I’m wrong you have my permission to say I told you so and sing the I was right song.

Happy Hugs,


PS: Summary for those of you that are just tuning in.

Rockin B & B Challenge (Bod and Bank Account)

Theory: My Weight = My Worth = My Money

Challenge: Improving my health will increase my self-worth which will increase my income.


Timeframe: (8/1/13 – 7/31/14)

Each month I will implement one new health action and one mental shift into my life and I will track the results to determine if the above theory is accurate.

I will share the journey each week to include a detailed summary at the end of each month.


If it fails – I’ll  be hot

If it succeeds: I’ll be rich and hot

Either way….I win!!


Health action:Increase water to 125 oz./ daily (1/2 my body weight in oz.)

Mental shift: Focus on smaller goals to ensure lifestyle change and reduce overwhelm

I have teamed up with Michelle Greenman: Women’s Wellness Coach to make sure I am doing this the most natural and healthy way possible.


3-10-13 009Women have lost the ability to trust in their own heart, listen to their bodies and believe in themselves and that is fueling our life of fear and scarcity. 

It is part of my life’s purpose to help every woman reconnect with themselves and live a confident , prosperous and debt- free life where you have the money, time and freedom to explore and create the life of your dreams.

It all starts with believing in you.”                        Jenean Zunk


Michelle Greenman is The Women’s Wellness Coach.MG1

I am a coach who works with professional women who want a healthier lifestyle, one that fits their busy schedule and gets results like maintaining a healthy weight, creating natural energy and disease proofing their bodies. My 7 steps natural health program teaches them how to take control their health, to know, love and transform their body.

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