A Message from Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is a powerful angel and is easily recognized with his sword. He is an angel of protection and courage who casts out lower energies and fear, so that you may shine your light brightly.
If you need comfort, guidance, protection or support, call on Archangel Michael he is only too happy to help.

I called on Archangel Michael to share a message with you today.




‘Many are feeling the energy shift and are beginning to get excited about the new year.

You have dreams and goals, but also have an underlying fear that they won’t ever come true for you.

Fear has held you back in the past, but it doesn’t have to continue to do so.


There is a way to release fear and stand in your unlimited power as you move toward your dreams.

You are a spark of the Divine flame. You have all the power within you to make your dreams happen, but you diminish yourselves, you have a skewed perspective of your life.


Fear exists when your perception does not align with that of your higher self and it feeds off of the attention you give it. So stop giving it attention.
The best way through fear is not to fight it, or destroy it, but to neutralize it.


Here are 3 steps you can take to neutralize fear:

1. Take 3 deep breaths
It is in this breathing that creates space for love to come in


2. Call on me
I am a powerful angel that can help dispel fear and clear you of lower energies.

You don’t need specific language, but if this will help you, here is a prayer you can use “Archangel Michael, Please come into this situation and heal my perspective. Please release me from all lower energies, fear and toxic thoughts. I ask to see this situation with love and truth. Thank you.”


3. See it as done
See the negative energy leave your body, just like little bubbles floating to the heavens. See your body relaxing and your mind calmed. Notice your breath slow and your smile return.

I am always here for you and it is my duty and my honor to assist you. Do not hesitate to call on me in any moment, for there is nothing more important to me than you.

Blessings and love,
Archangel Michael’


I encourage you to begin developing a relationship with Archangel Michael, for he is a wonderful companion that is extremely easy to connect with.

He has a strong energy and is easy to recognize his loud voice and comforting energy and blue light.

There are so many resources out there, just type his name into google and follow where you heart leads.


Big hugs,


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Does Fear Run Your Life?

Do you consider yourself courageous?

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about the word courage and what it looks like on a real- life day to day basis.

Most of us, when we think of courage we think big moments, like running into a burning building to save someone or standing up to a bully and most of the people I talked to (a random group…nothing official) did not see themselves as courageous.
However, I want to think small, how does courage show up in the regular every day life of regular people like you and me?
First let’s look at the word itself:
Websters Dictionary states the root of the word comes from Latin cor – meaning: More at heart
The official definition is the mental or moral strength to venture, persevere and withstand danger, fear or difficulty which implies firmness of mind and will in the face of danger or extreme difficulty.
So basically, someone who stands up and takes action even in the face of fear.
There are so many things we do each day that scare us, but yet we don’t think of it as a courageous act.
If you were scared and you did it anyway, you are courageous.
Have you ever done any of these, even though you were scared (even a little??)
~ Traveled to anywhere or changed jobs
~ Looked someone in the eye when you were talking
~ Smiled at someone you were attracted to or eeek…talked to them
~ Asked for money (from a boss, friend, family)
~ Forgave someone or forgave yourself
~ Took a step toward a goal or started a business
~ Told someone ‘No’ or ‘Yes’ (depending on the situation)
~ Hired a coach, trainer, mentor, or guide
~ Set new boundaries
~ Spoke in front of other people (2, 30, or 10+ people)
~ Shared your truth or opened your heart
~ Said I don’t know or I’m sorry
Here’s why I am telling you this:
Everyday, I meet women and men who are talented, creative and brilliant, but they are sitting on the sidelines instead of getting in the game because they are stuck in their head in the fear, doubt and value conversation.
Which means they are not living their purpose and stepping into their dreams…are you one of them?
I, myself, have spent the last 2 years coming out of my own ‘Closet of Shame’.
So, here’s what I did. I created a resource to help you rock the fear conversation and have tools to move through any obstacle in your life. It is called Master Your Inner Game and it starts on Aug 6th. If you are tired waiting for your life to start, then you won’t want to miss this!
All it takes is for you to have the courage to take the first step and schedule a time to chat with me (I promise I don’t bite).
For every step you take, the Universe will take 5 on your behalf.
To your courage and success!
P.S. Are you really willing to keep your dreams on hold to wait for the ‘right time’? Let’s move you forward today!

Are You Still Up?


Do you ever have those times when you can’t sleep because your mind is going?
I had recently had this issue. I was trying to make a big decision; the kind that changes the direction of your entire life.
The decision was consuming my thoughts and my energy.
I was not only having trouble sleeping, I was also having a hard time focusing on work, keeping my mind in a conversation and forget trying to sit down and write a blog post!
On top of that I couldn’t stop eating, even though I knew it was an emotional issue, I was like a goat…eating everything in site 😉
I tried everything to get my mind off of it.
I went to the beach, I tried to meditate, I cleaned, I organized, I napped, I threw myself into my work.
Even though at times those activities allowed me a moment of peace, as soon as it was done. I was right back to the fridge and hemming and hawing over my choice.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. ~ Albert Einstein

I was driving myself crazy and knew I couldn’t continue like this. Something had to shift.
I did what I tell my clients to do when they need to make a decision, take a long walk.
As I was walking…it hit me.
I was  trying to do exactly what I coach my clients not to do, I was trying to make the decision from my head instead of from my heart. (Sometimes we all need some reminding!).
So I pulled out my spiritual toolbox and was guided to reach out to Michelle and another friend.
Michelle guided me to see that the eating was just my resistance and fear showing up and I needed to step into it instead of avoiding it and I needed to go back to what I know.
**Even when you have the tools to manage a situation, sometimes you need someone else to pull you out of your funk and remind you of what you already know 😉
So, I want to help make sure you can sleep tonight, so here are my top 3 tips for calming your energy, so you can get some sleep already!
1. Ground yourself ~ There are many ways to do this…you can walk on the ground barefoot and you can do this re-balancing meditation.
2. Trust and Peace ~ Close your eyes and focus your energy on your heart. Invite your Spirit Posse (angels and guides) in to protect and support you in creating trust in the process  of life and peace in your heart. As you breathe in focus on the word TRUST and as you exhale focus on the word PEACE. Continue this breathing until you feel your energy drop into your heart and the anxiety dissipate.
3. Journal ~ Get it out of your head because that is where fear lives. Love lives in your body/ heart. When you write something down, it takes it out of your head and creates an emotional detachment. This allows you to begin the process of feeling into what is happening inside without your ego/ fear butting in.
If you can’t sleep or are consumed with an issue, try one of these steps to get you clear, calm and back on track.
Here’s to a good night’s sleep,

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Women have lost the ability to trust in their own heart, listen to their bodies and believe in themselves and that is fueling our life of fear and scarcity.

It is part of my life’s purpose to help every woman reconnect with themselves and live a confident , prosperous life where you have the money, time and freedom to explore and create the life of your dreams.

It all starts with believing in you.” Jenean Zunk

Michelle Greenman is The Women’s Wellness Coach.MG1

I am a coach who works with professional women who want a healthier lifestyle, one that fits their busy schedule and gets results like maintaining a healthy weight, creating natural energy and disease proofing their bodies. My 7 steps natural health program teaches them how to take control their health, to know, love and transform their body.

Connect with me at http://www.michellegreenman.com

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