Your Unlived Life is Waiting



It is a common malady, I may even go so far as to call it an epidemic.


People all across the globe are living mediocre lives, settling for less and dimming their light because they want to fit in and be ‘normal’. All the while there is a dream inside them, a vision of a life where they are filled with passion, joy and love. A vision of a purpose waiting to be fulfilled that your soul is crying out for; an unlived life, waiting to be lived.

Every single one of you is here for a purpose and you were given a gift and a story that only you have, that gift and story was meant for you to share where by sharing it you will change the world. To do this, you have to stop settling, stop holding back.

Why do we settle for less? Why are people holding back?



Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of being seen, fear of what people will think, fear of being enough, fear of becoming homeless, fear of (insert your particular brand of fear here).

Sensitives, Intuitives and Empaths have an added challenge.

While yes fear holds many of us back from sharing our unique gifts, we also have the added challenge of not understanding how we naturally operate, so we are afraid of, struggle with and fight against our own bodies.


This can show up in many ways including overwhelm, exhaustion, feeling drained after spending time with people or in crowds, absorbing others emotions, putting others needs first, resentment, money troubles, health issues, and on and on.

Add that experience to any other fear and you have just created a perfect storm to cause you to live less than you desire.




There’s always a but isn’t there..heehee.


Being an extreme Sensitive, Empath and Intuitive I have made it my mission over the last several years to master my body’s response and learn to master the fear conversation.

I am now on a mission to help you do the same and I have learned 2 very cool things:

1. Highly Sensitive People (including empaths and intuitives) simply communicate with the world with a new language~ primarily through their 6th sense ..their feelings. This like any other language can be learned!


Living in a world where the 5 senses ~ taste, touch, smell, see, hear~ are acceptable and common, but the 6th sense has always been ‘weird’, it is easy to see that this misunderstood form of communication was not openly taught to those that need it. Many of us have been hiding it, fighting it or running from  this part of ourselves!

Many of us try to fit in and be accepted by pretending we don’t have feelings, labeling feelings as bad (which there are none) and going against our very nature. This is like having blue eyes and pretending you have brown. You can cover them up, hide it, but they are still blue.

How fabulous would it feel to be able to understand what you are experiencing in any situation and respond consciously instead of reacting unconsciously?


2.Fear is only a conversation in your mind.

Fear lives in your mind and your mind is simply a storage facility. A place to pull from past experience. It’s job is to keep you safe.

When learning something new or stepping out in a new way, the mind freaks out because it has no reference point to pull from. It says ‘WAIT, STOP! We have never been here before, don’t go any further because something terrible may happen!’

The key is to know when to listen to this ~ say you are walking down a dark alley at night or you are being chased by a bear or you can learn to master the fear conversation and calm the fear down so you can continue creating this awesome new life.

Once you know that your mind cannot lead you into the future, that allows you the freedom to listen to your heart!


So really for empaths, intuitives and all highly-sensitive people, stepping into your unlived life to experience the passion, joy, abundance and love that is ready for you, simply takes learning how you naturally operate and how to better communicate with your environment, body and mind.

Sound overwhelming? I promise it’s not!

I am on a mission to help you start living your unlived life, that is why I am so passionate about this program!


Master Your Inner Game: Spiritual Tools for Sensitives, Empaths and Intuitives

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Master Your Inner Game is a unique blend of energy work, mindset mastery and practical action steps to get you from chaos to calm. It is designed specifically to help Sensitives, Empaths and Intuitives master their energy and the fear conversation to create more peace, while standing in their power and living into their purpose.


How would it feel to know every day you wake up you have control over your emotions, thoughts and energy and you are doing work that is fulfilling?

How would it feel to know that anytime fear pops up you have the tools to know you can handle it and keep moving forward?

Pretty damn good right?


Then I give you permission.

Permission to live full-out.

Permission to start living your unlived life NOW.


I got the tools, you bring the awesome!

Talk to me about it here:


Big love to you,



P.S. Did you miss the training I did on Being Sensitive Is Your Superpower: 3 Keys to Live Fearlessly, Confidently and Powerfully as a Highly Sensitive Person. Check it out here:

Wish You Could Have a Do-Over in Life

Do Over


Have you ever had the thought, I wish I could just leave my life and when you let yourself day dream what it would be like, you feel lighter and freer?

I’m not talking about in the dying kind of way, I’m talking about shoving everything out of your life and starting fresh (okay…maybe you’ll keep the kids). Like getting a do-over in life!


In my daydream of starting over, I would live somewhere beautiful, peaceful and free; I would travel all the time to local and exotic places, to meet people from all walks of life and every culture; I would do creative work that serves the world in a way it is most needed and I am financially compensated for the work in a way that fully supports my life and dreams; I work with a divine team of people that are also thriving in their dreams, have deep and lasting friendships and share it all with a man that is connected to Spirit and filled with passion, love, wisdom and adventure.

In short, my life is filled with peace, passion, adventure, love, creativity and connection and abundance.


Guess what!! It is!! I cleared away what no longer fit my new vision and began living my dream new world…

I am traveling to local and exotic places to meet people from all walks of life (leaving to Albuquerque on the new moon Oct 23…eeeeppppppp!!!!!!  I will be there the week of Oct 26 if anyone wants to meet up, just let me know); I am doing creative work that serves the world, I am financially compensated in a way that supports my life and dreams, I have deep lasting friendships…the rest, it is coming, in the Divine right time.


I cleared away most of my life, but you actually don’t have to~  sometimes making a few tweaks in a couple of places is all it takes to shift your outer world to match your inner desires.

That’s what many of my clients are doing!


For example:

~ Dana  got a do-over!  She changed old beliefs and habits around how she sees and manages her time, cleared limiting beliefs around self-worth and opened up her creative center.

She went from frazzled with no time to herself and too many demands and obligations by family and others in her community , none of her own money and a constant feeling of struggle to… happily saying no when needed, starting her own business by making and selling her doll clothes to local groups, making her own money, and seeing her future holding so much more joy!


~ Veronica got a do-over! She cleared her limiting beliefs on her self- worth, boosted her self-esteem and rearranged her priorities in life.

She went from feeling as though she wasn’t good enough for her new promotion, the struggle of being a new mama, living in a new city and wanting to have a handle on life to… feeling confident and bold in her new position, creating a balance in life where she still found time for her husband and herself, let go of guilt and struggle around working and being a mama.


~ Kristin got a do-over!  She began to honor her gifts as an intuitive, cleared limiting beliefs around her value in relationships, and opened her heart to loving herself in a new way.

She went from consistently hitting the same blocks in her relationship, struggling over trusting her intuition and doubting her choices at every turn, always taking the blame when something went wrong, and seeing her sensitive nature as a curse to….she now recognizes and trusts the answers she receives from her intuition, cleared the limiting blocks she was hitting in her relationships, is standing her in power and declaring and defining boundaries in her life, and now sees the gift in her sensitive nature and is honoring that part of her.


These are just a few stories of what people are experiencing when we work together and I have to say I am so honored that I get to be a part of their journey!


Now I want to ask you, what is your dream?

If you could start over, what would you change? What would stay the same?


With 2014 coming to a close, what are you doing to make sure next year, you aren’t sitting in the same place you are today?

What would it feel like to know that in a few short months you could be standing in the middle of your own do-over!

I invite you to take a minute…like RIGHT NOW…and ponder it!


Now I want to invite you to ask yourself what support you will need to get there?


Sending love as always,



P.S. When stepping out and learning something new, we all have blocks to overcome; the key is to stop trying to do it all alone!

I have a few spots left in my Master Your Inner Game Program where I help you create your dream life. If it resonates with you then reach out to me…just like the ladies above did and start creating it now! Go here get your do-over support:

Let’s Change Your Life…RIGHT NOW!


*Warning ~ I’m going into major coach mode here:


Let’s change your life right now.

I want you to take 3 minutes from your day and answer 4 questions


1. What is your big dream ~What is it that your heart is most calling for?

It could be to empower young girls or simply experience peace in your daily life.


Imagine you have achieved and are living your above dream…what does it feel like?

Go deep: What foods do you eat, who are you hanging out with, what time do you get up in the morning, how do you feel??


2. What is stopping you from making that dream real?

What is the reason you are using to hold yourself back ~ time, money, other people, kids, etc

Be honest with yourself about it. Nobody else will see this


3. On a scale of 1-10, how committed are you to make this dream a reality? (1= no commitment and 10 = total commitment)

Again, be really honest with yourself. If you are not committed that is okay! This question is designed to help you take responsibility…now you can!

~ If you answered 6 or less, then know you are not fully ready to make change happen and simply be honest with yourself that what you are saying you want is really not what you want. No judgement, no shame. Just honesty.

~ If you answered 7 or higher, then proceed to question 4.


Score a 7 or higher? Keep reading, this is just for you:


4. What are you waiting for?

Seriously, if it is that important to you and you are really committed to making changes in your life to live out your dream, then it is time to problem solve this and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Maybe you need to get a second job, bring in an accountability partner, create a plan, find a mentor or coach, learn to say no.

Whatever it is, it is time to do it.


Can I get real with you for a second?

If you are really committed to making this happen, then you have most likely already did a TON of research, gotten the information to make it happen, but you hit a roadblock and stayed there.


It was Albert Einstein who said, “you cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.”

So if you got yourself into debt, you will need to learn new ways of thinking, habits and an entire new relationship with money to get you out of it.

Make sense?


So if you are seriously committed to taking control of your life  to create more  peace in your life, live in your power and on purpose, I want to ask you one more time ~ What are you waiting for?


My Master Your Inner Game program is almost full!

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Master Your Inner Game is a unique blend of energy work, mindset mastery and practical action steps to get you from chaos to calm. It is designed specifically to help Sensitives master their energy to create more peace, while standing in their power and living into their purpose.

How would it feel to know every day you wake up you have control over your emotions, thoughts and energy and you are doing work that is fulfilling? Pretty damn good right?


Then I give you permission.

Permission to live full-out.


I got the tools, you bring the awesome!

Talk to me about it here:


Hugs, Jenean


P.S. Once it’s full, I won’t open it up until next year. Just imagine by January you could be living your dreams!!

Let’s chat: 





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Are You Feeling Unsupported?



How supported are you feeling right now?

I’ve talked to a lot of women and here are a few things I hear over and over:


“I really want to create a deeper connection to Spirit, but who am I to think that God or the angels would come down and talk to me?”




“I need to make more money, but no one will even call me for an interview, I’m just so broke.”




“My job and family demand all of my time and now my mother is ill so I am taking care of her as well, I want some time to myself, but I just don’t see how it is possible!”
Can you relate?
I want to share one of my clients with you, her name is Dana.


When I first spoke with Dana, she told me she  was out of work, her car was broken and she needed to make some money. She was applying everywhere and even though she is highly qualified, she wasn’t even getting calls for interviews.


Dana and I began brainstorming ways she could make some money and she admitted to me that she loved making doll clothes, but she ‘just didn’t have the time for it any more and no one was buying anyway.’
So her challenge was money, time and self- doubt.
With those challenges and a goal of making money doing what she loved, we set out together and created a plan that would allow her to address both the internal issues (self- doubt, confidence, fear) and external issues (business plan, time management, marketing).


Each month Dana and I met and worked on her inner issues together and then she left with action steps to work on the external issues in between sessions. The first few months were challenging and then boom….in the 3rd month she hit her stride.


With new tools in hand, strong support and regular accountability, she cleared out her limiting beliefs, re-prioritized her time and tasks, recognized her value outside of doing things for others (she realized how awesome she just because), skyrocketed her confidence and launched her business.
She is fast becoming a local celebrity, taking custom orders, making regular money and is set up with a strong growth plan (oh….and she doesn’t even have a website up yet!)


She is also designing her first ongoing package, to bring in re-occurring income!


All this in 6 months simply by resetting and aligning her beliefs, thoughts and actions with her desire while having strong support and accountability.
Imagine if you took the action necessary, had the right support and accountability and said yes to investing in yourself….
where could you be in 6 months?  That’s February.


How does it feel to think in February, you could be on your way to living your dream?
If you are really ready to make this the year, shit starts to happen,  then schedule time to talk with me now.
I have a few spots left in my ‘Master Your Inner Game’ program.
I am opening my calendar WIDE for the next 7 days, so go here to chat with me: 


P.S. Don’t miss this chance to change your life.
Why wait any longer for what you know you already want?


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