Serenity: Cultivating Peace in Times of Struggle Within Yourself and the World



Serenity: Cultivating Peace in Times of Struggle Within Yourself and the World

Within our own daily struggles, times of trauma and with the world in turmoil this most often puts us in a constant state of fear.
Fear drives us to react in impulsive and often unhealthy ways.

What will stop this? You. Choosing consciously.

Conscious choice allows us to respond to any situation with love.

It helps us:
see the meaning behind the meaning less
-feel the power within the powerless
-make sense of the senseless
-respond instead of react
-embrace instead of separate
No matter what insanity you are experiencing in your life, Serenity is possible.

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Need to Shift Those Negative Thoughts?


I am a really big fan of Masuru Emoto’s work.

Have you ever heard of it? Messages of Water ~ it moves my soul every time I read it.

He demonstrates how water responds to our thoughts and words.

He puts water in a jar with a word on it, then freezes that water and takes photos of the frozen ice crystals.

The water that had a positive word, such as love, happy, peace created these absolutely stunning ice crystals while the images with hate, ugly, fight on them created very deformed ice crystals.

You can read more about him and his work here.

What is so exciting about this is the fact that water is in everything, hell humans are made up of 60% water! When I discovered his work many years ago, it had a dramatic impact on me and I began to notice how I talk to myself.

I discovered that wowza…I was pretty hard on me.

My body was a form of shame, when I looked at it, I thought, ew gross
My work was never good enough, when I looked at it, I thought this sucks
My heart was broken, so when I met someone I tried to give them all of me to ensure I was good enough.

I said things that were mean, hurtful and at times even hateful to myself.

It’s no wonder my body has been fighting to keep itself alive.


I am learning to ‘Live as Love’ and decided I needed to up my game on the way I talked to myself; to focus and train my mind to say loving things to me, instead of focusing on the imperfections or negative. So I put things in my environment that remind me to refocus my thinking in the moment~ I create my own external triggers to remind me to shift my internal focus.

Whenever training my the mind to a new way of thinking, external triggers are HUGE for me. Having that visual to remind myself of my intention not only refocuses me, but it allows for quicker transformation.


Hint for you: If you are looking to transform some area of your life ~ money, love, career, body~ start with your thoughts about that area first.
Then give yourself some external triggers to refocus your brain to this new way of thinking.

External triggers can be as simple as:
~ posting a note of your new thought all over your house
~ Drawing or painting an image and then hanging it where you can see it
~ writing I love you on every mirror in your life (including the rearview mirror in your car)

~ Carrying a keychain that holds meaning

~ putting an inspiring picture as your phone background

~ setting your passwords as affirmations like: IAMPOWERFUL

The key then is to use those triggers to shift your awareness in the moment .

For example, every time you look in the mirror, don’t just read the words I love you and move on. Pause, repeat the words, I love you, speaking directly to yourself and really take it in. Allow yourself to receive your love throughout the day.

Choose one area in which you want to begin shifting your thoughts and create one statement that defines that.

Create your trigger to begin shifting your thoughts today.

Spiritual Pro tip: The more e-motion you put into this, the faster the shift can occur.


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How Walmart Taught Me My Life Purpose



I believe that the Divine exists in every moment, experience and person. Not only exists in it…is it.

This was my challenge….find the Divine in Walmart.

I was hired as a cashier at Walmart recovering from a pretty big financial set-back earlier this year.
I was not thrilled at the idea in the slightest, but it was where I was and I was accepting it.
As someone who teaches people that they can have peace no matter what their situation, and fully aware of the Law of Attraction and the idea that what you focus on expands, I knew I had to find a way to be happy and at peace with where I was without focusing too much on ‘escaping’ the present moment. I had to practice what I preach.
I also firmly believe that Spirit is in everything, so Spirit had to be in Walmart too…I just needed to shift my perception to see it.
Rooted in my mission, I created the ‘Walmart Experiment’
It was simple, I would set a conscious intention before going to work and see what shifted.
Here is what happened:
The first 2 weeks were simply about learning the job and observing the ‘normal’ work experience.
My coworkers and customers seemed generally unhappy and not thrilled to be there. Many employees would not make eye contact or even acknowledge me when I said hello to them. There was a prevalent mindset of ‘What do I get?’
It made deciding my first intention easy.
I decided to start with the intention: ‘I intend to be of service to anyone who needs it.’
And I began looking for ways I could help make people’s loads a little bit lighter.
This revealed itself in the form of giving unexpected compliments, telling a joke to make someone laugh or simply sending love to them as I listened to their woes.
Most of all, patience seemed to be what was being desperately craved.
Patience with the customers, co-workers and themselves.
So I offered as much patience as I could.
About a month into my experiment, I began to notice people saying hi to me that would never look at me before and regular conversations were starting to happen instead of only complaints about the job.
The more patience I gave, the more patience I received.
I was having fun with the shifts that I was seeing, so I decided to amp it up.
A friend gave me the idea of asking Archangel Michael to stand where the customer stands during my shift and allow him to heal them.
I loved it, so I decided to go a little bit further.
My next intention was: ‘Archangel Michael, please join me at work today and may anyone who comes within 3 feet of me receive any healing they may need for their highest good.’
Then I went to work and about my day.
I first noticed, I wasn’t as tired. Because I was the center of healing, I was receiving healing all day!
I felt great! This extra energy allowed me to be more present for those that I came into contact with.
This was a great chain reaction and I found more employees sought me out to chat and more customers left laughing.
I also had more people open up to me, hug me and even had customers choosing to wait in my line (even if it was longer) just because they ‘felt better’ after talking to me.
I also had 3 people interested in doing angel readings with me.
The more healing I gave (through AA Michael) the more healing I received!
purpleheartbannerI was loving this intention thing and within 2 months of working at Walmart, I was offered a job in New York that allowed me to travel in my RV full-time, just like I had set out to do!
Then magic showed up.
People (co-workers and customers alike) were generally upset when hearing I was leaving.
I had only been there 2 1/2 months, but they bought me a cake, gifts and many many crying hugs when I left.
Who knew that in that short of time I could have such an impact! 
I thought, ‘This…I have just discovered magic in this.’ 
As I reflect on my time at Walmart, my purpose (and yours) becomes crystal clear to me:
You are living your purpose now. Everyday and in every moment.
It does not matter what you do. You can be a cashier, a maid, a bus driver, a CEO, the president, a mom, a person who sits in a rest home. What matters is HOW you do it?
HOW you do it…this is what will change the world.
It does not matter if you speak to one person everyday (yourself) or you speak to millions (like Oprah) what matters is HOW YOU SHOW UP.
Are you patient, kind, compassionate and loving? Do you seek to understand before trying to be understood?
Are you demonstrating through your words, thoughts and actions the change you want to see in others?
Change your world in 5 minutes a day, by setting an intention and living it in every moment and yes, Spirit is alive at Walmart.
Have a process for how you show up to create change? Share it in the comments.

I No Longer Hate What I See in the Mirror




Loving yourself has everything to do with losing weight and being healthy.

Coach Michelle talks about her 3 step system: Know, Love and Heal Yourself and it is an awesome system.
Here’s the deal:
I have been working with Michelle for 8 months now and I won’t say I have lost a bunch of weight, but I can say my life is dramatically different now then when I began working with her.
You see, I have always hated myself.
For most of my life, I hated myself for who I thought I was (fat, ugly, worthless) and for who I wasn’t and thought I should be (tall, thin, book and street smart). No matter what I did or accomplished, I was plagued by the ‘Not Enough’ syndrome and all the guilt and shame that comes along with that.
About 7 years ago, I began a spiritual journey and began to transform my life. I met Michelle during a time, when I realized I needed to love my body (which I thought meant lose weight) in order to move keep moving forward.
I have jumped in with both feet when it comes to the internal lessons and shifts I needed to learn, however I have fought her when taking action. So you could say I am playing for both the offense and defense….hard to win a game that way 😉
I am slowly coming around to consistency in action, but I will say my inner shifts have been dramatic. You see I can now stand in front of a camera and actually smile; I stood up at my last business mastermind and gave a bad-ass speech without worrying at all about how I looked (and that has never. ever. ever. happened before!); even though I am an introvert I find myself starting conversations with strangers! (WHA????); and most importantly, I no longer cringe when I look in the mirror, I now can wholeheartedly smile and LOVE what I see!
I know right!!
The time I have spent with Michelle has seriously allowed me to dive deep into the Know and Love yourself pieces….and I know as the healing occurs inside, so will it occur outside.
Hugs and Healing,
Want to know more about this challenge? Go here




Women have lost the ability to trust in their own heart, listen to their bodies and believe in themselves and that is fueling our life of fear and scarcity.

It is part of my life’s purpose to help every woman reconnect with themselves and live a confident , prosperous life where you have the money, time and freedom to explore and create the life of your dreams.

It all starts with believing in you.” Jenean Zunk

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