{RBB} I had a breakdown

I lost it last week.

I was at my job and things were headed downhill fast.

I am very self-driven and somewhat of a control freak; throw in a bit of perfectionism which is of course driven by the ‘never good enough’ mantra that tends to run through my head.
And you have the perfect setting for a breakdown.

“The breakdown happens just before the breakthrough.”



My coping mechanism to deal with stress is to escape.
I have become a master of meditation in any situation and daydreaming, while still looking present, is a skill I have perfected.

I usually just get through the struggle and reflect on the meaning later, however this month I have committed to staying present ~ so I forced myself.


I stayed engaged and when I started to drift off, I would bring myself back.


It was hard. It was heavy. It sucked.



And then….

About halfway through this thoroughly crappy week I had my aha moment.

This moment usually doesn’t occur until I have survived whatever came my way and am reflecting on the meaning, lesson and how I could handle it differently (better) next time.

I was sitting there, talking with a colleague about how this shit needs to stop and it hit me, it was almost like I was seeing the situation from outside myself.

I immediately knew I created this situation.

I created it to force me to step into my role as a leader and take the reins in a way I never have before.

I saw the last year of my life in bursts of moments that I had been given the chance and I backed away.
I chose to stay small.

It is my time to play big and since I wouldn’t bite with the small bait, I (and the Universe) created a situation that I would be forced to handle and change my approach to my work, to my business, to my marriage, to my life.

And in that moment, when I got it was all an illusion and it was like a play and I had the starring role, I laughed.

My colleague looked at me like I was crazy, but I couldn’t stop….I couldn’t explain it either!

So we went back to our meetings and while the rest of the week was long hours and intense conversation, I continually found myself holding back a smile.

I had a secret.

My secret of seeing the purpose of the moment, while still in the moment.

Here’s to your secret,



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3-10-13 009Women have lost the ability to trust in their own heart, listen to their bodies and believe in themselves and that is fueling our life of fear and scarcity. 

It is part of my life’s purpose to help every woman reconnect with themselves and live a confident , prosperous life where you have the money, time and freedom to explore and create the life of your dreams.

It all starts with believing in you.”                        Jenean Zunk


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* Thanks to Brian Fuller for the photo!

Did you get it?

2012 was quite the year!

It was like a roller coaster ride, with twists and turns and loop-de-loops and sometimes it felt like a going through a tunnel ~ fast as hell, but you couldn’t see a thing!

At this time of the year, I think of renewal and growth.

New beginnings motivate me and opportunity stars twinkle in my eyes.

And it is true…this is an opportunity to start over.

But before you or I can move on to the new, we have to close the door on the old.

Take some time, to really reflect on the challenges, victories, struggles and joys of last year and to reflect on those that came into your life with those situations.

Every person that triggered you, pissed you off, scared you, challenged you, brought you to tears, gave you a hug or changed your life forever…was a gift of love.


Each person was there to create a situation to allow you to go deeper and learn more of your divine nature. The real question is…Did you?

That job you lost…allowed you the opportunity to step out of your routine, get creative and reinvent yourself. Did you?

That person who pushed your buttons…allowed you to see the where you need to add love to your own life. Did you?

That person that knocked you down…allowed you the opportunity to discover and reclaim your personal power. Did you?

That person that was angry and mean to you…allowed you the opportunity to experience compassion and forgiveness and recognize that they were simply hurting and scared. Did you?

That person that inspired you…allowed you to see the potential within yourself and move past previous limitations. Did you?

That person that stood by your side…allowed you experience a deeper connection to yourself and the world. Did you?

Every experience allowed you the opportunity for you to experience love on a new level….did you?

Thank them, honor them and forgive them; for without their appearance in your life, you would not be who you are today.

Reflecting on the lessons now, will allow the lessons of 2013 to go even deeper, feel less overwhelming and create meaning in the moment. Each time you find yourself challenged this year…stop, breathe and ask yourself,

“What lesson am I to learn here?”

Notice the shift.

Love and peace in the New Year,



Exciting changes are afoot here at Namaste Living.

Over the next few months you will see a remodel of the blog, a new website, the opportunity to work with me and more!

I have been inspired with new ways to help you thrive in this year and just know lives will be changed and victories will be had.

I am full of giggles and you my lovelies will be the first to hear when things are ready!