3 Non-Negotiables for Sensitives and Empaths

Last week I shared a post that described the difference between Sensitive, Empathic and Intuitive.

If you missed it you can find it here.


You read through the traits and qualities and probably found yourself saying, ‘YES! YES! THAT’s ME!!’ at some point.

Maybe, if you are like me, when I first discovered these terms I thought, ‘Thank GOD! I am not crazy, there are others out there like me and there is even a NAME for it!!’


It felt good to be acknowledged and understood in a way I never had before. Many friends and family, though they meant well, thought I was too sensitive and needed to ‘toughen up’. Which is actually the opposite of what I needed to do!


So you may be saying, ‘That is awesome Jenean, I know I am empathic, sensitive, intuitive (or all 3!), but what do I do now? What can I do to feel good in public??

Well learning how we work best individually is a life-long process, but here are 3 keys steps that I have found are non-negotiable for Sensitives, Empaths and Intuitives alike.



I cannot stress this enough. Grounding yourself is the single most important tool you can learn as it will allow you to shift your energy in a heartbeat.

As sensitives most of us struggle to stay in our bodies and we float up to our heads and start over-thinking, over-analyzing, over…whatever, as an avoidance tactic to feeling everything.

When you feel everything as deeply as we do, it is easy to want to escape your body, which is why grounding ourselves is so important to owning your power.

Think of it like this. Our nervous system is like the electrical wires in your house. It receives and transfers energy to where it is most needed. If it is not grounded, the energy runs amok and you have a situation that is out of control.

Out of control electricity causes you to blow fuses, burn wires, shock yourself, and so on.

Imagine what that feels like in your body!

How do you ground yourself?

~ Take a walk…invite the fairies and angels to join you!

~ Imagine tree roots growing out the bottom of your feet and into the earth. Focus on the feeling of connecting to the earth

~ Walk barefoot on the grass


2. Protect yourself

As sensitives we are natural givers, so our hearts are WIDE open. Which is amazing because that is our strength…loving others.

However, with a wide open heart, the energy flows 2 ways…out AND in, so that means we are receiving others energy as well.

This can be awesome when you are with your favorite person deep in intimate conversation, but not so awesome when you are walking through the grocery store and the crabby lady, the disgruntled employee and the screaming child all send out energy (unconsciously) that you absorb!

So how do you protect yourself?

Adjust your chakras. Chakras are energy centers on and around your body. You can shrink and expand these to fit your needs in the moment. Here a great video by the fantastic Rev Kerti  https://youtu.be/z_U6rT5Jqsk


I also did a training call on Energetic Protection for Sensitive Women a while ago, you can listen to that here:


3. Cut cords

When you connect with someone, you create an energetic connection with them. It looks just like a cord of light that attaches from you to the other person. When you end the connection (ie conversation, relationship, etc) you still have the energetic connection. This can become very draining as you are still giving energy to those you may no longer have contact with (think old relationships, work experiences, etc)

Cutting the cords allows you to reclaim your energy and you may feel an immediate boost after doing so.


How do you cut cords?

Close your eyes.

Take 3 grounding deep breaths.

Visualize your body and see the cords coming from you.

If you desire you can ask to see who they are connected to, but knowing this is not necessary to cut them.

Invite Archangel Michael to assist you in cutting cords, by saying something like,

‘Archangel Michael, I ask you to assist me in cutting cords to _______(specific person, situation or you can say all cords in all time, space and dimensions.)

See him stepping forward with his sword of light and cutting through all the cords.

Watch the cords sever and see your energy return to you.

Notice and sensations, feelings, thoughts that arise and just observe them.

Thank Archangel Michael for his assistance.


Have you found a way to help you thrive as a sensitive or empath?
Share in the comments, so we can all learn from your awesomeness!






photo credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wonderlane/

Your Unlived Life is Waiting



It is a common malady, I may even go so far as to call it an epidemic.


People all across the globe are living mediocre lives, settling for less and dimming their light because they want to fit in and be ‘normal’. All the while there is a dream inside them, a vision of a life where they are filled with passion, joy and love. A vision of a purpose waiting to be fulfilled that your soul is crying out for; an unlived life, waiting to be lived.

Every single one of you is here for a purpose and you were given a gift and a story that only you have, that gift and story was meant for you to share where by sharing it you will change the world. To do this, you have to stop settling, stop holding back.

Why do we settle for less? Why are people holding back?



Fear of success, fear of failure, fear of being seen, fear of what people will think, fear of being enough, fear of becoming homeless, fear of (insert your particular brand of fear here).

Sensitives, Intuitives and Empaths have an added challenge.

While yes fear holds many of us back from sharing our unique gifts, we also have the added challenge of not understanding how we naturally operate, so we are afraid of, struggle with and fight against our own bodies.


This can show up in many ways including overwhelm, exhaustion, feeling drained after spending time with people or in crowds, absorbing others emotions, putting others needs first, resentment, money troubles, health issues, and on and on.

Add that experience to any other fear and you have just created a perfect storm to cause you to live less than you desire.




There’s always a but isn’t there..heehee.


Being an extreme Sensitive, Empath and Intuitive I have made it my mission over the last several years to master my body’s response and learn to master the fear conversation.

I am now on a mission to help you do the same and I have learned 2 very cool things:

1. Highly Sensitive People (including empaths and intuitives) simply communicate with the world with a new language~ primarily through their 6th sense ..their feelings. This like any other language can be learned!


Living in a world where the 5 senses ~ taste, touch, smell, see, hear~ are acceptable and common, but the 6th sense has always been ‘weird’, it is easy to see that this misunderstood form of communication was not openly taught to those that need it. Many of us have been hiding it, fighting it or running from  this part of ourselves!

Many of us try to fit in and be accepted by pretending we don’t have feelings, labeling feelings as bad (which there are none) and going against our very nature. This is like having blue eyes and pretending you have brown. You can cover them up, hide it, but they are still blue.

How fabulous would it feel to be able to understand what you are experiencing in any situation and respond consciously instead of reacting unconsciously?


2.Fear is only a conversation in your mind.

Fear lives in your mind and your mind is simply a storage facility. A place to pull from past experience. It’s job is to keep you safe.

When learning something new or stepping out in a new way, the mind freaks out because it has no reference point to pull from. It says ‘WAIT, STOP! We have never been here before, don’t go any further because something terrible may happen!’

The key is to know when to listen to this ~ say you are walking down a dark alley at night or you are being chased by a bear or you can learn to master the fear conversation and calm the fear down so you can continue creating this awesome new life.

Once you know that your mind cannot lead you into the future, that allows you the freedom to listen to your heart!


So really for empaths, intuitives and all highly-sensitive people, stepping into your unlived life to experience the passion, joy, abundance and love that is ready for you, simply takes learning how you naturally operate and how to better communicate with your environment, body and mind.

Sound overwhelming? I promise it’s not!

I am on a mission to help you start living your unlived life, that is why I am so passionate about this program!


Master Your Inner Game: Spiritual Tools for Sensitives, Empaths and Intuitives

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Master Your Inner Game is a unique blend of energy work, mindset mastery and practical action steps to get you from chaos to calm. It is designed specifically to help Sensitives, Empaths and Intuitives master their energy and the fear conversation to create more peace, while standing in their power and living into their purpose.


How would it feel to know every day you wake up you have control over your emotions, thoughts and energy and you are doing work that is fulfilling?

How would it feel to know that anytime fear pops up you have the tools to know you can handle it and keep moving forward?

Pretty damn good right?


Then I give you permission.

Permission to live full-out.

Permission to start living your unlived life NOW.


I got the tools, you bring the awesome!

Talk to me about it here: https://www.vcita.com/v/jenean.zunk/online_scheduling?service_id=e12babc7


Big love to you,



P.S. Did you miss the training I did on Being Sensitive Is Your Superpower: 3 Keys to Live Fearlessly, Confidently and Powerfully as a Highly Sensitive Person. Check it out here:


Drama is a choice

Jenean15Drama is a choice in how you choose to respond to a situation.

Place your trust in the Divine, and believe that things are happening for you, not to you.

The MOST critical element of understanding the lesson and opportunity in every moment~  look at the mirror.

Life is a mirror, reflecting back to you what you are putting out.
It is there, so you have a clear awareness of what you’re giving and if this in alignment with what you want.

If you are experiencing what you don’t want then you have a belief in you that you need to shift to begin aligning with the desired outcome and the mirror will show you this.

How much drama and emotional turmoil you experience is up to you.


Your feelings carry the message of the moment. The fear, anger, doubt, or frustration all are simply telling you where you are not in alignment and where you are holding on to lower energies. It is the emotional undercurrent that is being reflected ~ look to that for understanding NOT the actual actions.


This is the gift of the mirror and as Sensitives, Empaths and Intuitives, we are more aware of the emotional undercurrent than anyone! YAY!!!

WHY is this good? Because it is easier for us to shift and change the situation!!


You don’t have to stay stuck in drama and chaos, you simply need to be aware of what is being reflected and change it!


I KNOW how hard the mirror can be to understand in the beginning (I have been studying it for 8 years)  so let me help you figure it out.

Make time this week to talk to me and clean up your drama for good!



Sending mirror love,



PS. Make sure you block off time now, for the Monday Night Training call at 5pmPT / 8pm ET where this week we will be talking about energetic boundaries and why without them you feel tired, drained and frustrated! See you there!