It’s Impossible!

It really is impossible.

You can’t make more money with the same mindset that got you where you are, debt.

Scarcity and abundance are too far apart on the vibrational scale, and trying to blend the two is like

trying to blend Goodwill and Macy’s.

To make more money, you have to shift your mindset from lack to lots.


When I was pulling myself out of debt valley, I tried tons of different ways to raise my vibration,

here is what I found works:


Getting clear:

I mean blindingly crystal clear on what you want (including the color, size, destination, feeling, smell); then use that as the foundation for all your decisions.

Easiest way to get there….follow your feelings.


Create visual inspiration:

This can take any form that works for you, but I found that when I reflected on it daily, bigger things happened…quickly.

Example: Vision boards (twice a year – my favorite), daily picture journaling


Daily Affirmations:

I personally need inspiration on a daily basis. It is super easy for me to get stuck in the funk and focused on the minute details of everyday living. Inspiration pulls me out of that and reminds me of the big picture. This redirects me back on my desired path when I start to stray or kicks me in gear when I get stuck.  Place them where you will see them most. I use sticky notes and put them all over my workspace and home; I am also prone to using lipstick on the bathroom mirror 🙂

A couple I use:

My income increases at every turn.

I am willing to learn to receive.

Abundance surrounds me now.




Recognize and have gratitude for ALL the gifts the universe is giving you. You will get small bursts of abundance to begin with. Open up receive and say ‘Thank You Universe’

Every time I find a penny on the ground, I pick it up and say thank you; I know the Universe is simply offering me abundance and more is on the way…if I stay grateful.

thank you

Think of it like this:

If you were on a first date, you would get  a small bouquet of flowers or another small token.

If you have been married for years, you would get jewelry, customized bouquets and possibly a vacation getaway.

If you reject and scoff at the small token on the first date, you most likely won’t get any more gifts (or dates!), however if you receive with honest gratitude, the other person has more of a desire to bring you more gifts. The universe responds in the same way.

Consider this your first date with the universe…act accordingly.


These actions were small, but mighty; repeated regularly over time and they become a force like a stream turning into a mighty river.

Never underestimate the power of your mind.

Choose one and apply it today to start creating more abundance in your life.


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Big Money and Big Dreams,



thCARFHKAGI wanna talk about dreams for a minute.

I wanna talk about BIG, FAT, JUICY, YUMMY, world-changing dreams.

Remember when you were little and you would imagine all these things you would do and be when you got older?

Like being a nurse and helping sick people or maybe you wanted to be a firewoman and save people from the hands of death, maybe it was less dramatic than that and you just wanted to give kids a warm blanket or SAVE THE WORLD as Wonderwoman.

I remember that I would keep changing what I wanted to be, but it always resulted in helping people. I remember, even at a young age, I loved the idea of making them smile because I could see what was in their heart.

Take a moment….do you remember that time? What was your dream?

How does it feel when you are thinking about it? (I get the wiggles….like I had when I was young!)

Somewhere along the path of growing up, we put aside our dreams for a life of working our tails off day in and day out to pay for things like mortgages, karate lessons, student loans and lots of stuff from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Now, I don’t know about you…that was never part of my little me dream!

I will bet dollars to donuts (not sure what that even means) that wasn’t part of your dream either.

I have made a decision.

I am going to stand for my dream:

My mission is to help women live inspired, creative, passionate and financially free lives.

I want you to stand for yours too and together we can make our lives and the world a place we love!


But…you say.

I don’t have time to dream because I am working to pay for that mortgage, student loans, karate lessons, etc….

Oh my loves, if you let me help you….with a few changes you can become free from the chains of debt and let me assure you the possibilities that exist when your debt balance is $0 is glorious!

There are only 2 steps you need to take now:

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I will be sharing exactly how I was able to get 100% out of debt with just my current paycheck.

This will have my EXACT steps so you too can be debt free!

When women aren’t worrying about paying the rent they have so much more brain space and energy to create and make dreams come true!

Please join me…I am taking a stand for my dream and holding the space for yours!

Here’s to your dreams,