Why Being Selfless is Actually Selfish


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Did you know your happiness is your only job?

Yup. Really.

It is no one else’s responsibility to make you happy and on the same note, it is not your responsibility to make anyone else happy.

Your number one most important priority must be your happiness. And if it’s not…why not?
So, let me ask you.
When a situation arises and you get upset, stop and ask yourself. Is this worth it?
Is this drama over priorities, lunch, who is right worth it?
Is it worth my happiness?
I can hear you now, saying I could never think that, it is selfish. What about serving others and a higher cause? What about being a good person?!
I hear you, but let me put it in a new perspective for you?
It is actually selfish not to put your happiness first and here is why.
Think about it, when you are happy, you naturally give more, your vibration is higher, so you attract more opportunities, people, resources and experiences to share the vibration.
You lift others up naturally just by being there because happiness is contagious.
You laugh more and trigger your creative juices.
You can more easily find solutions to problems and you share with joy.
There is a subconscious focus on what can I give when you are happy.
When you are tired, frustrated, burnt out or crabby, you naturally focus on what is wrong in a situation.
You have a harder time finding solutions to simple challenges, you bring others down with you (because misery loves company), you make more mistakes and silently resent having to help or give wondering when is it your turn.
There is a subconsious focus on what can I get when you are unhappy.
There is an energetic exchange happening, it is you who determines what type of energy you are giving.
Have you ever worked with someone who always complained and whined about being there, they didn’t do their share of the work, and made lots of mistakes, when you asked them for something, it was like all the effort in the world to do it? Didn’t you just want to tell them to go home and forget about it?
Have you ever worked with the person who was in a great mood and cracked jokes while she worked? She did more than her share and didn’t even notice. She found a way to have fun even if the job wasn’t that exciting. She made the time fly by and the project was done with ease and turned out awesome!
It is no coincidence that the ‘pollyanna’ creates a better experience.
You see, each of these attitudes is a choice.
When you look at the most humanitarian, giving people on the planet, you will see a connection. They all make their happiness a priority. They know they cannot serve and give to those in need if they are one of them.
One of the key reasons people give is to help others feel happier.
You cannot give something you do not have and we all need your personal magic, so please, let your greatest path of serving the world, start with you.

Big love,


What is one way you can start making you a priority today? Share in the comments.Jenean-StockImages205

Happiness is a choice…not a destination

I get frustrated that I’m not ‘there’ yet. I haven’t completed the path I am on…I think I’ll ‘be happy’ when….

But really…the there I am headed for doesn’t exist, it is an illusion because once I arrive there…I won’t be the same person and I will have a new there to reach for.

The key to happiness is living in the moment. Looking around you now and finding the joys that surround you.

Recognize each moment as divine, a miracle.

Recognize yourself as divine, a miracle.

You are here to experience love in all its many forms…this includes you.

Part of living in the moment is also experiencing who you are in this moment…right now. Are you immediately thinking of your flaws? Everything so called wrong with you? I know…it’s pretty easy to do to ourselves…it’s how we are trained as a society.

Let’s change that! Just imagine what it would feel like, if you only focused on your best qualities! Your body, your personality, your essence! Why…the world would be a different place and the love that poured from you would be nothing short of miraculous!

Right now…think of 3 things you absolutely adore about you.

I am thinking about my toes, my optimism, and my love for all things cheesy (real and figurative)!

Write these down today and use the power of love that comes to combat any negativity that comes your way today…ex. I tell myself I hate the way my hair looks today…I think, yes, but I have cute toes!!

I know it feels silly now. It usually does when we try new things, but the simple conscious act of bringing our focus back to gratitude for the small things makes it easier to do when we encounter big things.

Try it for a week and notice the shift.

Live Love,