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When people tell me they are overwhelmed or are struggling to get everything done and ask what they can do, my response is simple.

“Stop doing what no longer brings you joy and do more of what makes you happy.”

That is usually met with a loud huff and the response of, ‘Sure Jenean, that sounds great, but you don’t understand how many people are counting on me!”

My response comes from a line in the Firestarter Sessions by Danielle LaPorte.

‘You only have on your plate what you choose to put there.’

I will add, the only people that count on you are the ones that you choose to have rely on you.

This means that you can step aside and let others be responsible for themselves. To live their own life and make their own mistakes, as well as you can say no to things, events, activities and such that don’t light you up.

If you have been following me for a while, then you know that several years ago, my life was a mess.

Debt; stressful, unfulfilling job; disaster marriage; no time or energy to pursue my creative desires. My days were filled with obligation and responsibility for others day after day. It sucked.

I was reading the above quote by Danielle LaPorte one day and it really stuck with me. In the book she suggests starting with taking 15 min a day and just doing what you love for those 15 minutes.

So I decided to try it.

Funny, you wouldn’t think 15 min would make much of a difference, but it was life-changing.

It started with me going for a short walk, which quickly turned into my favorite part of my day.

A month later I upped it to 30 min a day.

A month after that 1 hour.

Within a year, 50% of my waking time was focused on doing what I loved. Writing, painting, movies, naps, hanging out in nature, talking to Spirit…

What would your life look like at the end of the year if you started taking 15 min a day for you, now?

I would love to hear about it, share with me in the comments!

Big love,

Jenean                            Jenean-YouAreAwesome

I call B.S.


“I want to get out of debt, I just don’t know how…”

“I want to get out of debt, but I don’t make enough money…”

I  call B.S.


I hear these comments all the time; believe me, I’ve used them too!

You don’t get out of debt by sitting in victim mode and whining about why you can’t, because when you really want something you find a way to make it happen.

C’mon…be honest with yourself for once. You always find a way to afford what you really want.

Look at the last 10 items you purchased, go on…look. If you were to be really honest with yourself, I bet you’ll find you didn’t  NEED half of them.

You bought them in the moment to fill that void.

The void that  you have been trying not to face.

That empty space that echoes the fears of your mind, like…

“I am not enough” “They aren’t going to like me” “I’m too fat” “I can’t save money”- add your thought here: _______________

mind story

I am about to share a revelation with you. The most important words you will hear all day. The words that, once you bring them into your heart, your spirit will breathe a deep sigh of relief and say “Thank you.”

“You are enough”

You are amazing and beautiful and powerful and smart and funny and funky and creative and…

You can achieve anything you want to and that includes financial freedom.

Aren’t you ready to drop the story and write a new chapter in your life? One where you follow your dreams and live financially free? Imagine, no more stress and worry about having enough money to live the life you want. Imagine being able to take a surprise weekend getaway and not worry about the cost.

It can happen, and the first step on that journey is getting out of debt.

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