Getting There Means I’m Dead




Have you ever had one of these thoughts?


~ When I get that job then I will have enough money.

~ When I move into that new house, I will have more space so things will be neater

~ If I could just find a good guy …just one….I would be happy

~ When I finally learn to stop eating ice cream and start running, then I will love myself more.


Admit it….you have (c’mon, it’ll be our secret), because I sure the heck have and so many more like this!


This year has been a whirlwind for me because I literally LEFT MY LIFE!

I walked away from an 11 year job, marriage, 95% of my things and my home.

I left because as I looked around, nothing fit me anymore ~ it was like I was living someone else’s creation.


I had worked hard at creating a life that was ‘successful’, but the harder I tried, the less successful I felt.

I wanted to start from scratch. So I left.


I left feeling like I had failed. given in. was weak. let everyone down.

I was also holding fast to the belief  that I was like the phoenix ~ I was burning who I was and turning to ash, so something new could rise up.


I have held onto this belief all summer.

During the nights when I would sob into my pillow for all that I had lost, to the days when creativity would overwhelm me pushing out something awesome, to long talks with God, angels and my heart about who I truly am and what my soul is calling for.


I was reflecting yesterday on my defining moments in life and I was pulled  to write down all the times I had succeeded in life as a way to inspire me on to move forward. I realized even going back to Kindergarten, how I have succeeded many, many times in my life.

I encourage you to do this as well….you will be surprised how much awesomeness you have done!


I will begin to share my story and lessons  over the coming months as it unfolds to me, however, because I am being called to live on the road full-time, it has given me a new perspective on this journey we call life.


My big understanding:

There is no there to get to. No town called Success, nor a town called Failure. You are born into this life and then you pass into the next…there are simply rest stops and camping sites along the way where we meet new people, make cool stuff, experience new things and create new memories. We then pack up and move on.

That is life. Success is simply learning to be happy and fulfilled while you are on the journey.

That you don’t need anything or anyone outside of you to make you feel happy or successful.


I will leave you with one of my fav quotes:

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change. ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer


Sending love,



P.S. Have you achieved success, but still feel unfulfilled? Leave a comment below and share with this loving community!



*Thanks to Leland for the image!

Failure Sucks. 6 Ways to Guarantee Success




The word itself causes a physical response.

It brings up old memories and new hurts, it causes some people to run and paralyzes others.

Personally, I tend to get angry. So pissed off actually that it drives me harder (I am also a recovering perfectionist~ which basically means there is always a part of me that feels like I didn’t do enough, could have done better, in other words, failed).

So here are my 6 ways to guarantee success, ‘cuz lets just be honest. failure smells like doo-doo:


1. Stop whining!

Whining keeps you in the negative funk longer. So does complaining, grumbling, nagging…well you get the picture 🙂 So grow up, put on your big girl panties and start brainstorming solutions!


2. Get Up!

Did you fall down? Get a little banged up? Great! This means you learned something and that means you are a helluva lot farther than you were before! Success means falling down (possibly many times), but the key is to keep getting up and shoveling your way through that shit.


3. Let go!

Stop carrying your baggage everywhere you go. That crap that is weighing down your shoulders and hurting your back and adding 25 extra pounds to your fanny that you have been hauling from moment to moment in your life needs to go. You can’t take the leap and fly if you are loaded down with bricks.


4. Go soft.

Vulnerability is tough. To stand open in front of others (hell sometimes the mirror) and bare even a smidge of your soul is freaking terrifying. BUT, being real and authentic takes the little cracks in our soul and breaks them open, just a bit bigger. So every time you show your light, it just gets brighter.


5. Be brave!

The universe rewards courage.


6. Stop. Being a victim. Really.

You have complete control over you, your thoughts and how you respond to any situation. You have been playing small for far too long. Time to stand up and own it!


Most importantly….


7. Show up.

Everyday, consistently and do the work. If you are learning to connect to your soul, show up and meditate daily.  Wanna make more money, pay attention to where you are spending it…daily. Wanna have a better relationship, show up and be present, every day.


Your affirmation:

Everything I touch is a success!


Print these. Post these. Live these.


Here’s to your success,