3 Fun Energy Games

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I love energy games!

Playing with energy is a fun way to see how connected and powerful you are.

I started playing energy games to help me develop my psychic skills, but what it did was teach me just how interconnected everything is and how malleable our reality is.


Everything is energy and energy is everything.

This is such a simple concept, but hard for me to fully grasp when looking at things like walls and humans. These games really drove that point home in a very tangible – see-able way.


I encourage you to play a game with yourself and try one or all of these out – the key word here is game – if you begin to feel frustrated, angry, disappointed, etc, then stop.
That is only creating resistance….the point of this is fun and with practice, it will get easier 😉



Here are my favorite 3 games:

1. Seeing auras

Seeing auras is actually pretty simple once you train your eyes

~ start by looking at your hand, foot or other part of you easy to see
~ use a solid black or white background (once you get comfortable you will be able to see it while walking through Target if want)

I will use the hand as an example.
Take 3 deep relaxing breaths
Hold your hand out in front of you
Soften your eyes and hold your gaze, just as you would if you were looking at one of those 3D pictures.

I found it easier to do in the dark personally because there is less light to contend with when softening your eyes.

If you don’t get it the first time, keep practicing, it will come.


2. Stargazing Through Your Ceiling

This just happened one night when I was lying in bed practicing seeing the aura of my hand. I stared at the ceiling for a moment with the same gaze as above when you look at auras….eyes softened and suddenly the ceiling disappeared and I saw the stars!

I was so shocked and excited that I did it for hours. Now I do it anytime I need to remember that I am connected to the Universe, to remind me that I am powerful and creating change is not hard 😉


3. Change your walk

Our thought energy is manifested in how we carry ourselves. If you feel confident, you may walk with your shoulders back, if you feel insecure you may walk with your head down.

Try role-playing with your walk and notice your energy shift to match it. I have even had achy hips before and by doing this the ache went away.

This is simple:
just like a child pretends or an actor role-plays, decide who you want to be.

Start walking as yourself, then choose to imagine you are this other person. How would they walk?
For example…the BeeGees have a certain walk, how different does it feel to walk like them?

Sometimes I imagine I am a person (like a movie star on the red carpet) other times I imagine a certain type of person, powerful, strong, muscular, lean, graceful, etc.

Each time I change the focus of the person and take a few steps as if I was that person, I can feel the energy in my body shift to match it.

This is really fun to do at work, when you need something to focus on besides the complaining co-worker. It turns the most mundane job into a game!


Do you have a favorite energy game you play? Share with me in the comments!


Have fun,



Root Chakra~ Work and Your Survival Instinct

You have 7 main spinning energy centers on your body; these are called chakras, which is a Sanskrit term for wheel. So simply put, you have 7 main spinning wheels of energy on your body. Each holds a different vibration and function and is associated with different emotions, colors, organs, and elements. When all of the chakras are balanced you will feel balance in your life. When one is deficient, another will overcompensate for that lack and become excessive. It then begins to display this imbalance in the relating parts of your life and body.


Over the next few weeks we are going to begin looking at the different chakras, what they represent, and how this matters in the context of your job.So lets begin with the root chakra.


1st chakra ~ Root Chakra

Location: Base of the spine

Element: Earth

Color: Red

Energy: Solid, Grounded

Relates to: large intestine, rectum, adrenal glands

The root chakra is your foundation, your support. Its purpose is self-preservation~ your survival instinct ~ how you relate to those needs such as finances, your body, your home, your work and your environment.

A strong foundation is needed if you are to grow strong and healthy.

Characteristics of a balanced chakra:

~  Physical health

~  Sense of safety and security

~  Prosperity

~  Ability to be still

Deficient characteristics:

~  Fear, anxiety

~  Anorexia, underweight

~  Difficulty manifesting


Excessive characteristics:

~  Heaviness, sluggishness

~  Resistance to change

~  Overeating, obesity

~  Excessive spending

So…what this means is excessive chakras need to let go, relax or release and deficient chakras need to hold on, focus and receive.

Later I’ll give you a few tips on how to balance your chakras, but first, I want to explore what the heck this has to do with work.

This chakra, more than any other, is affected by your work. For many of us, we receive a paycheck for providing a service. And for many of us, this is how we define ourselves…our value.

Think about when we meet someone for the first time, one of the first questions we ask is “What do you do for a living?” We place so much of our self-value on titles, income and such that we lose sight of who we really are aside from the job. The job becomes us…or better stated, we become the job.

When we allow a job to decide our value, then we have just given our power away and this creates fear. Fear that we no longer have control in our lives and we spend all our time and energy in an attempt to create the security we had BEFORE we handed over our power.

Good news! Others only have the power that we give them!

This means…You can reclaim your power in any moment.

Yes, you need to make money to pay the bills. Yes, you need the job to make money. Yes, your boss must like your performance for you to keep the job. But…


An example of the fear that many of us feed ourselves is that we would end up homeless and begging.

I ask you to truly think about this….is this true?

But… if you can feel safe and secure in the world, knowing who you are outside of your job,it would take away that fear of losing it.

How the heck do you do that?

Well first. Write down your fears.

And then really consider them one at a time. Are they true?

Most of the time, our fears are like the boogey –man. Stories that our minds built up over time to keep us safe; the problem comes in when we blindly believe the stories and not assess the situation.

The fear was built to keep us safe…..don’t walk down the dark alley at night… kind of safe. Safe not trapped.

How safe and secure do you feel in the world?

Who are you outside of your job?

What is one thing you can do to help you feel safer in your world…thus feeling safer in your job.

I know that I was afraid of what I would do for money, so I began putting away $1 a day to build a safety net. I didn’t have much money at the time, so $1 a day was even a stretch for me…but I knew it was important. It slowly grew and after 2 months, I had saved $60….now this may not sound like much, but when you live paycheck to paycheck…having an extra $60 can change everything! Every time I put that dollar away, I was reaffirming my value to myself. This feeling settled in my root chakra, allowing me to feel more grounded and secure, which in turn allowed me to focus less on surviving and more on creating and thriving. As I began to feel more secure outside of work, I began to feel more secure inside of work as well.

The root chakra is all about ‘getting out of your head’ and ‘getting into your body’.

Now as I promised

Here are a couple of ways to balance the chakras:

~  Spend time outdoors. Root chakra has the element of earth. So any connection with her will balance and strengthen this chakra.

~  Exercise ~ remember ‘get outta your head and into your body’

~  Organize. Anything. Your closet, a drawer, your shoes

~  Balance your checkbook…track your spending

  • Wear red….even underpants will help

You may notice, some of these are the same actions that are recommended to combat stress….it’s because a majority of stress today comes from our mind…remember get outta your mind…

Pick one of these and try out for a week and notice the shift.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Leave them in the comments below!

And as always share the love with someone who needs it!

Live Love,


Thanks to the www.healingsphere.com and www.ecoki.com for providing the images!