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Here’s is this week’s Ask Jenean:


Q: Why do I always feel so tired and drained after spending time with people? I don’t like going to crowded places because I always feel anxious and tired afterwards. 

Is there anything I can do?


A: Awesome question gorgeous!

Simple answer….YES!!

Long answer…This is a common problem for Sensitives. Because you see, since we are aware of the subtle vibrations and energetic shifts within a person, place and even the planet that it tends to affect us on a deeper level (ahem….that’s why we are called Sensitives!). If you don’t know how to properly process or release these energies you will absorb them ~ leaving you drained and tired.


There are 2 ways you can stop this insanity.

1. Learn to process and release quicker so you aren’t holding on to the energy. (which means you are still absorbing it…blech)

2. Protect yourself so you don’t absorb (or reduce the amount you absorb) in the first place.

(I prefer #2 and I am sure you are agreeing with me right now 😉



So here’s is what I doing for you ~ I am going to share with you my most popular training to date:


Energetic Protection for Sensitive Women

(yes…it works for men too)

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In this training, I give you specific ways you can protect yourself ~ we even walk through one, right on the training. I am only going to leave this up for a week, so schedule time to listen in  (it’s about 60 minutes long).



Happy listening,



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This is exactly what I am teaching in the Master Your Inner Gameprogram. Lifelong tools to help you live as an Empowered Sensitive. 

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*Thanks to Celestine Chua for the photo!

Being a sponge is not your purpose!


As intuitives, empaths and ‘sensitives’ we tend to automatically know what another person needs to feel better, so we do all we can to help, right?

It is in our nature and part of our purpose for being on this planet…it’s a gift!


However, if we assist others without properly preparing and protecting ourselves, then we end up carrying the burden we just helped another release and this is NOT our purpose.

Have you ever noticed after helping someone who is upset, that you feels antsy, cranky, fidgeting, maybe even depressed?

Here’s the deal, as sensitive people if we don’t protect ourselves from the harsh energies ~ from the environment and other people ~ or learn how to release them quickly and safely then we are putting ourselves and our health at risk.

As a sensitive, you are here to assist in healing the planet, but you cannot help anyone or anything heal if you are not taken care of first.

I have spent the last 7 years learning how to protect myself from absorbing these energies and I want to help other sensitive women to shield themselves too. I used to hesitate even getting out of bed some days, because I knew I was like a sponge taking on anything and everything that walked into my path.

It was such an exhausting way to live and I don’t want anyone else to have to continue to go through that!


Here’s the deal, I want to share my most popular training with you…it is  a free training call on energetically protecting yourself.

~ Help others and walk away feeling energized

~ Approach a challenge or situation with confidence and calm

~ Keep your energy yours

~ Love and care for others openly and honestly without draining or absorbing harsh energies

~ See your gifts as blessings not a curse

Energetic Protection for Sensitive Women 

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If you want to learn how to shield, protect and release harsh, negative energies from your life, then you want to listen to this call!

See you there, Jenean

P.S. Do you have a friend that could use these tools. Please forward this information and share with them too.

Let’s heal the planet and each other together!

*Thanks to Celestine Chua for the photo!

Sensitive? Protect Yourself.

You wake up feeling great.

You have a fabulous morning with the kids and hubby and you head off to work. You are feeling so great in fact, you are thinking about how you are ready to tackle that big project you have been putting off.



Then you walk into work and immediately feel the chaos. Before you even put down your purse, people are already lining up to talk to you with questions, requests, and problems.

Within moments you feel your energy begin to drain and those negative emotions begin to creep in. Without  realizing it, you jump straight into the pool of frustration, annoyance, and irritation.



This used to be me on a daily basis, in fact it was so frequent, I made it my mission to see how long I could hold onto the positive energy.




At first I focused on everyone else and how to better manage and help them.

I tried every communication, time management and leadership technique out there to try to fend of the ‘crabbies’ as long as I could and nothing was working, but then I realized I was absorbing all their energy and chaotic drama and accepting it as my own.


My big a-ha: it wasn’t about them, it was about me.



Once I realized the chaotic energy wasn’t mine and it wasn’t my responsibility to ‘save’ them ~ I began to see success. I shifted my focus to a more internal and spiritual view and I was able to remain positive for longer periods of time.


I began noticing the impact this energy shift had not only on my attitude and work, but also on my relationships, health, money and basic desire to get out of bed.



As an intuitive and empath (or ‘sensitive’ as we are more commonly called), I learned it is imperative to protect yourself from the harsh environmental energies we encounter each day. This protection is critical for anyone looking for a little more stability and sanity within their day.



This is such a powerful tool that I decided to give a free training on how to do just that.


I will be hosting a live training call: ENERGETIC PROTECTION FOR SENSITIVE WOMEN on Wednesday, February 19 at 7:30 pm EST.


Here is the access info:

Phone number: (425) 440-5100
PIN Code: 315625#


To attend, visit:


You don’t have to sign – up for anything, just simply mark it on your calendar now, so you are sure to be there!

If you are a sensitive and are tired of being overwhelmed, frustrated and exhausted by others drama and chaotic energy and ready to bring some peace into your life, then you need to be on this call.


Mark it on your calendar now ENERGETIC PROTECTION FOR SENSITIVE WOMEN on Wednesday, February 19 at 7:30 pm EST and I’ll send you an email to remind you with the access info 🙂



Hugs and love xoxo


P.S. If you know anyone else that could benefit from this training, please forward this email and let them know. Let’s spread the love and peace because we all know, ‘when the woman is happy, everybody is happy’ 🙂





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