Fear or Divine Timing?

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What is one thing that has been on your to-do list for a while and you aren’t ready to let it go, but you haven’t done anything with it either?

It just kind of sits there, taunting you.

What is holding you back from doing it? Is it fear or simply divine timing hasn’t aligned yet and how do you tell the difference?

A little story for you….

I was writing a blog post last Nov and got the nudge from my angels to submit a previously written post to Huffington Post (an online publication ran by Arianna Huffington.)

Arianna – (hehe, yes I just put us on a first name basis) invited me to be a blogger and I was so super excited!

But….I literally never submitted the article for publishing and I stopped writing period.

Since then, I would try to push myself to do it, but I just couldn’t.

At first, I thought it was fear holding me back (and I think initially it was), but now I see it was pure divine timing. What I went through on a very deep personal level these last few months, the ‘stuff’ I released, the power I had to claim…all before I was really ready to put this out there and be seen on a bigger level.

Funny thing is, once I submitted it, the article was published within 2 days!  ​



 photo credit: www.Huffingtonpost.com

So How do you tell if it is Fear or Divine Timing:

I have discovered through this experience that Fear for me feels like it is HARD, like I have no desire to push through that giant brick wall in my way.

Divine Timing feels more like waiting for a birthday. You know it is coming and you have no doubt it will happen, you just don’t feel the nudge to ‘make’ it happen.

The same feeling I had the day I emailed Arianna (like it would be cool to do it that day…is the same feeling I had to submit it to get published.)

I had no attachment, no overwhelm, no pressure…just, hey, I think I’m gonna do this today ~ just like saying hey, I think I’m going to the grocery store today.

If there is pressure or struggle or frustration, then your energy is not aligned with it yet. Get aligned first and then do it – life will be easier 😉

Do you have a way to tell the difference between fear and divine timing? Hit reply and share it with me!

Namaste, my loves.
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What My 6 yr Old Niece Taught Me About Biz Building

Alicia 6 My niece, Alicia (that’s her in the pic) just turned 6.

Here’s the story:
I pull up to her birthday party and she runs up to me and bounces up and down, excitedly exclaiming, “Aunt Jenean, I can do the BIG monkey bars!! Come watch me!!”


We run over (well, she runs) to the monkey bars and even though she has to climb up to reach them, she does so with practiced skill.


She then begins crossing the bars with determined focus.


A little over halfway through the bars begin to go up, making it harder to reach the finish.


She gets to the incline, recognizes she is not ready for that yet and stops.


I ask her, ‘Aren’t you going to finish?”


She turns and declares, “No, I’m not ready for that yet. I’ll do it when I’m 7”


She then runs off with her friend, leaving me stunned with the ease in which she can walk away and with the detached assurance that it will happen, in the right time.
I have been fighting with myself this summer because I set a goal and I am impatient, so I want to already be there…not in the place of struggle that creates the growth needed to achieve said goal.


In one statement, my niece unknowingly demonstrated the key piece I wasn’t accepting.


So often as adults, we fight the journey. We focus on the end result and then kick and scream when it doesn’t work out as fast as we want it to. We miss the joy and play in the journey and try to outsmart the growing process.
We don’t even start because we don’t know how it will end.
I can think of many times that if I couldn’t get all the way across the first time, I wouldn’t even start!


Funny thing is, Life doesn’t work that way. It won’t show you the next step until you are on the journey.
How sad that I spent so much of my life waiting for a guarantee of success BEFORE I would start!
Here are a few lessons my niece validated that day:


1. Just start
Just climb up there and grab the first rung. Then the next, then the next…keep going one rung at a time.
She didn’t know HOW she was going to get to the other side or how she was going to start doing the incline when she is 7. What she did know is that it will happen and she will figure it out when it is time.
2. Support is critical to success!
She needed ‘bigger’ people who had done those BIG monkey bars before to show her how to do it.
While in the end, she had her own style, her own process and she made it hers; she watched, asked and learned from those who have been there.
You were not meant to do this alone.
You MUST have support. That support can look like many things ~ Assistant, Coach, Family, Friends, Accountability Buddies.
The key is to watch who you take your advice from. Don’t ask financial advice from broke people, don’t ask for marriage advice from divorced people, don’t take entrepreneurial advice from someone who has only held jobs.
This is why people hire coaches. Find a coach who has successfully moved found what you want.


Want to make money? Find a coach that makes good money.
Want to lose weight? Find a coach who has lost weight and kept it off.
Want to build a biz? Find a coach who has successfully built the kind of biz you desire.
Want a deeper spiritual connection? Find a coach who demonstrates and lives the peace they are teaching.
3. It will happen, stop doubting the process and have fun with what you can do now!
She has big expectations of finishing the monkey bars, however right now she is thrilled to be able to do the part she can.
When was the last time you were thrilled with the part you were on and not worrying about the next step?
It is okay to have big goals and to work towards them, but know things won’t go perfect and plan extra time for a learning curve.
Not everything will work our perfectly and that is okay. Just keep building your muscles with the parts of monkey bars you can do and know soon you will be able to do that next step…don’t give up!
4. It’s okay to brag….in fact, it is celebrated
Show everybody your awesomeness and what you can do!
Not only does it allow you a chance to celebrate, it inspires others.
I think we need to brag more often. You now have permission to brag your little heart out with no apologies!
What would your life look like if you saw where you are right now as a rung on the great monkey bars of life?
If you stopped looking at why you haven’t finished crossing them yet and just focused on the next rung in front of you?


To go deeper, what if you saw the cycles in your life as a chance to get stronger and do it better each time knowing it is preparing you for the next rung? (Sort of like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day?)


 Share in the comments below and tell me what’s stopping you from starting so we can support each other!


Here’s to your success,
P.S. Let’s help each other across the bars, share your  biggest challenge below! Let’s do this together 😉

I Took a HUGE Leap of Faith!


You may (or may not) have noticed this last week, I have been a little absent.
I took a huge leap of faith and began making an intense shift in my life. I am choosing to move through this transition fully conscious and aware, so it has been taking all the spiritual tools, problem-solving acumen and physical energy I could muster to take the first few steps.
It is amazing to me how much can shift in your life in 1 week and I can only imagine what is going to evolve in the next few weeks.
However, by choosing to stay conscious and not hide, run from or numb my feelings this week has taught me more about living in the moment and staying present to Spirit than any book or interview ever could.
You may be confused, so let me go back:
In February, I was trying to get clear on what I wanted the next year to look like because suddenly my life no longer ‘fit’ me. I was surrounded by things and people that felt like a me that no longer existed.
So I decided I wanted to travel, purge all that no longer supported me in my ‘new’ life and really learn what it is like to live a simpler and less cluttered life.
I then began looking at the details of what that would look like.
I decided  that I wanted to travel the U.S. in an RV for at least a year (in lieu of paying rent), so I could meet with you amazing guys and gals in person, see the country and experience a simpler way of life.
I was planning on embarking on this travel excursion starting next year.
Diving timing had another plan.
I was feeling pulled more and more to make this happen, and in June, I began giving my stuff away.
On July 1st, I managed to pack up everything I own (90% lighter), my 2 cats and set off across the country in my Jeep.
I was being called to take a complete leap of faith as I did not have a place to move into. I was living day by day, moment by moment. My only focus was on my needs in that moment.
Now back to today.
I am scouting for the perfect RV, while crashing at my mom’s for a week.
I have been reflecting the fact that a year ago, I would never have had the courage to take such a blind leap. I can honestly say, it is one of the most liberating experiences of my life.
Here is why I am telling you this:
It never would have happened if I had not learned to manage my ‘inner game’.
You see, you can spend your life learning all kinds of ways to do something, but until you learn how to step through fear and  doubt, connect to the Angels and Divine and create the right support system you will forever keep ‘getting stuck’ at every obstacle that comes your way.
It is my mission to give you all the best tools and strategies so you can move past any obstacle in your business and life and take your own ‘Leap of Faith’.
I am excited to announce my Master Your Inner Game program to keep you moving (or get you started) on your path to success.
This is a new program I created to help you:
 ~ Get comfortable with the uncomfortable
 ~ Trust in your intuition
~ Connect with your Angels
~ Understand the Divine Purpose in Every Moment…no matter what is going on!
~ Learn the process of change
~ Have a strong support system to keep you moving when you feel like just giving up
Does this resonate with you? Are you getting goose bumps right now and a soft voice inside is saying YES!
Then book time to talk with me this week, to see if  it is a good fit for you.
Here’s to love and courage,
P.S. What would your life look like if you had the tools to know exactly when and where to take your next step?
What if you knew without a doubt that the next step was the right step and you had support at every turn?
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