I call B.S.


“I want to get out of debt, I just don’t know how…”

“I want to get out of debt, but I don’t make enough money…”

I  call B.S.


I hear these comments all the time; believe me, I’ve used them too!

You don’t get out of debt by sitting in victim mode and whining about why you can’t, because when you really want something you find a way to make it happen.

C’mon…be honest with yourself for once. You always find a way to afford what you really want.

Look at the last 10 items you purchased, go on…look. If you were to be really honest with yourself, I bet you’ll find you didn’t  NEED half of them.

You bought them in the moment to fill that void.

The void that  you have been trying not to face.

That empty space that echoes the fears of your mind, like…

“I am not enough” “They aren’t going to like me” “I’m too fat” “I can’t save money”- add your thought here: _______________

mind story

I am about to share a revelation with you. The most important words you will hear all day. The words that, once you bring them into your heart, your spirit will breathe a deep sigh of relief and say “Thank you.”

“You are enough”

You are amazing and beautiful and powerful and smart and funny and funky and creative and…

You can achieve anything you want to and that includes financial freedom.

Aren’t you ready to drop the story and write a new chapter in your life? One where you follow your dreams and live financially free? Imagine, no more stress and worry about having enough money to live the life you want. Imagine being able to take a surprise weekend getaway and not worry about the cost.

It can happen, and the first step on that journey is getting out of debt.

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Your dreams are waiting for you to say yes.

for the love of dreams,




Your Dream or Your Debt…You Choose

Your Dream or Your Debt….you choose.

You can’t have both.


I’m gonna be real for a moment here, so just breathe and let me finish

before you tell me to kiss off, ok?


Money is energy. How you spend that energy is up to you.

I have 2 thoughts to share on this:


Numero uno (sounds sexier that way, right?):

The feelings you have about spending  money defines your relationship to it.

Meaning how does it feel when…you buy that sexy dress, pay the phone bill, go see a movie (is it different if it stars Brad Pitt?), or even purchase toilet paper or tampons (hey…we all need ’em)

Are you feeling gratitude, love, abundance?

Do you feel expanded? Read: Do you take a deep breathe, pull your shoulders back and smile?

I used to get angry that I had to give my hard earned money to the phone company and felt guilty getting that pedicure. I would frequently say things like, “I really should be spending my money on…”

Giving and receiving are the same energy (it’s called flow), so how you feel when you give it is how you will feel when you receive it.

I LOVE getting money, so I have learned to LOVE giving it!


Numero dos (still sounds sexier than number 2):

Where is your money going?

Do you spend more money on Starbucks mocha Frappuccino (mmmm, yum) than you do on say….art supplies to paint that picture that’s been in your head for years?

What about buying another pair of shoes (I know, I know… they are gorgeous and on sale), instead of purchasing the 6 week course that will help you write and publish your book?

You see, it goes back to the principle of: What we focus on expands.

Your money is a real-time example of your focus.

So if you are spending money on more crap you don’t need and feeling guily about it…you are creating debt.

If you are spending your money in a structured way and feel better each time you open that credit card bill because the balance is lower…you are on the road to financial freedom. With all the time that you have by not shopping for more crap, you can spend writing that book (and I can tell you…it is soooo rewarding!)

As a society, we tend to make unconscious choices with our money (energy), you, my love, have the power to begin making conscious choices today.


SAVE THE DATE: Thursday, July 11, 7pm ET  (specific call in details next week)

To help you with this, I am hosting a LIVE 90 min call to share with you the nuts and bolts of how I got out of over $20,000 in debt in 3.5 years with only my current paycheck.

I am now debt free and have the tools to know, I will never be in debt again!


So, I ask you: Your Debt or Your Dream…?

In Dreams,