Divine Direction Created a Do-Over

What is Divine Direction?

It is asking Source/Spirit/God/Angels for guidance and direction.


What does it look like

Coincidence, Intuition, Gut Feelings, Hunches, Inner Knowing, Sense of something


How does Spirit connect to you?
Any way it can. Whatever you are open to.


Here is an example of how I received some Divine Direction this month:




I told the Universe, I wanted to experience hosting workshops with confidence.

I have so much fun 1-1, but I still get nervous in front of groups and I am ready to release that.

So the angels guided me to host the Connect with Archangel Michael party as a starting point. (This nudge from Spirit came as an idea while doing dishes and felt super fun and exciting)

I said okay and set it up. (This is where most people struggle…not taking action on the nudges)

I was very nervous before and during the call, so much so that I mentally had to talk myself into staying grounded and open. (Even experienced people still have to remind themselves to go back to basics).

The call was a blast and it turned out awesome!

BUT…when I went to access the recording, I discovered it hadn’t recorded a thing!

Hmmm…interesting seeing as I had checked it twice! (Mercury is also in retrograde and is known to cause computer and communication issues…thanks Mercury)


I had 2 choices in this moment.

1. See it as a huge mistake and beat myself up ~ basically feel bad for days.

2. See it as an opportunity to do it again and do it better.

I chose the second one.

I see it as the angels providing me a second opportunity, a do-over to not just do it….but rock it bigger and better.


What this means for you:

You also can get a do-over!


If you wanted to join us live, but couldn’t
Can’t join live, but want access to the recording and meditation to use forever and ever

then you are in luck!


I am re-doing the call!



On Sat 1/31 at 9 am PT/ 12 ET I will host Archangel Michael party 2.0, so you can totally benefit from my do-over! Woo hoo!

Go here if you want in:       http://namastelivingonline.com/blog/ArchangelMichaelparty


Here is what we will cover:

A 90 min call where you will learn:
~ Who is Archangel Michael and what does he do
~ How to know his presence is there
~ Discover your personal Angel Language (everyone is different)
~ How to prepare yourself, so you can begin reading yourself (and friends with practice)
~ Ways to learn to TRUST the messages
~ Live Q&A

(There will be slides and a recording so don’t worry if you can’t make it live)


Do-overs are awesome and archangels always throw the best parties!

Ready to connect with Archangel Michael in a deeper way this year?



Jump in,



P.S. I am keeping my birthday price for this call…just $19! Woohoo…I love to celebrate!!



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Are You A Seeker or Creator?


Do you consider yourself a seeker in life or  a creator of your life?

You may have chosen an answer immediately, but I want you to go deeper.

Take a moment and reflect on your day so far ~ look at your thoughts, actions, approach to situations and challenge.

How does this line up with what you just decided?




A Seeker is defined as a person who seeks.
A Creator is defined as a person who creates.


For a long time I called myself a Spiritual Seeker. I read tons of books, watched epic amounts of documentaries, listened to big Spiritual teachers teach on big spiritual things, and implemented massive amounts of practices and exercises that other people gave me. I was a full on seeker.


You know what…it all worked.

It all provided some of the answer to my questions, but none of it gave me what I most desired; to have the experience of connecting to a higher power in a way I could feel and know. I wanted to be a creator.


I knew I was meant for more than I was living and I craved to have at my disposal the resources and confidence that would allow me to live bigger, bolder and badass-er than I ever had before.


Enter the Angels.


Being able to connect with the angels has been a life line for me. A lifeline that gives me strength and courage when I am feeling weak, support in shifting my negative thoughts and helping me to elevate to keep a high vibration, direction when I am standing in the fog and they help me unleash the badass in me whenever I need her.


It is the single most important resource I have at my disposal and with it I have been able to change my life dramatically over the last several years.

It is also what allowed me to shift from seeking and looking outside for the answer to listening and creating from within in my power and on purpose.


What would be different in your life if you had this resource available to you?

How would you live life differently if you could talk to the angels and actually hear their answers?

How would it feel to unleash the badass inside you?


Drumroll….YOU CAN!


EVERYONE can connect with the angels in any moment, you just have to learn the language they speak. To help with this I have created a way for you to learn to connect with Archangel Michael!


This Saturday 1/24 @ 11 PT/ 2 ET (my birthday!) I am hosting a Connect with Archangel Michael party!

A 90 min call where you will learn:
~ Who is Archangel Michael and what does he do
~ How to know his presence is there
~ Discover your personal Angel Language (everyone is different)
~ How to prepare yourself, so you can begin reading yourself (and friends with practice)
~ Ways to learn to TRUST the messages
~ Live Q&A

(There will be slides and a recording so don’t worry if you can’t make it live)


My birthday present to you is a low price of $19!  I know, crazy right?!

I am so freaking excited about this!!

If this is the year you are ready to stop seeking and start creating, then join me and Archangel Michael:




Block out your calendars now because this is the party of the year! Archangels always have the best parties 😉

Connect With Archangel Michael
Saturday Jan, 24 11PT/ 2 ET
90 min

Sign up now:  http://namastelivingonline.com/blog/ArchangelMichaelparty


Big love and angel hugs,




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A Message from Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is a powerful angel and is easily recognized with his sword. He is an angel of protection and courage who casts out lower energies and fear, so that you may shine your light brightly.
If you need comfort, guidance, protection or support, call on Archangel Michael he is only too happy to help.

I called on Archangel Michael to share a message with you today.




‘Many are feeling the energy shift and are beginning to get excited about the new year.

You have dreams and goals, but also have an underlying fear that they won’t ever come true for you.

Fear has held you back in the past, but it doesn’t have to continue to do so.


There is a way to release fear and stand in your unlimited power as you move toward your dreams.

You are a spark of the Divine flame. You have all the power within you to make your dreams happen, but you diminish yourselves, you have a skewed perspective of your life.


Fear exists when your perception does not align with that of your higher self and it feeds off of the attention you give it. So stop giving it attention.
The best way through fear is not to fight it, or destroy it, but to neutralize it.


Here are 3 steps you can take to neutralize fear:

1. Take 3 deep breaths
It is in this breathing that creates space for love to come in


2. Call on me
I am a powerful angel that can help dispel fear and clear you of lower energies.

You don’t need specific language, but if this will help you, here is a prayer you can use “Archangel Michael, Please come into this situation and heal my perspective. Please release me from all lower energies, fear and toxic thoughts. I ask to see this situation with love and truth. Thank you.”


3. See it as done
See the negative energy leave your body, just like little bubbles floating to the heavens. See your body relaxing and your mind calmed. Notice your breath slow and your smile return.

I am always here for you and it is my duty and my honor to assist you. Do not hesitate to call on me in any moment, for there is nothing more important to me than you.

Blessings and love,
Archangel Michael’


I encourage you to begin developing a relationship with Archangel Michael, for he is a wonderful companion that is extremely easy to connect with.

He has a strong energy and is easy to recognize his loud voice and comforting energy and blue light.

There are so many resources out there, just type his name into google and follow where you heart leads.


Big hugs,


Need some help with your fears of stepping forward?
Let’s talk: https://www.vcita.com/v/jenean.zunk/online_scheduling?service_id=e12babc7



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