Courage in Choice

I’m faced with a crucial decision.

I mean on the life altering level, the kind when you reflect back you can pinpoint the exact moment that you’re entire life changed.

The million dollar question is….did it change for the better or for the worse?

I have been bouncing back and forth in my decision, hemming and hawing, waffling, basically too afraid to actually make a choice.

The thoughts that keep running through my mind go something like…what if I make the wrong choice and regret it? What if I changed me somehow and then everything might be ok? What if I don’t do anything and just see what happens (also known as living by default…and default is also a choice where you allow someone else to make it for you.) What if, what if, what if….

I could go on for days with this thought process, letting my fears run the show.

The truth is I know what my choice needs to be.


See fear rules the mind. Don’t get me wrong…fear is a great tool when you are trying to decide whether you should walk down a dark alley at night, it is there to protect us and keep us safe. The difference is the mind goes off of past data that you have collected in this lifetime, so the only thing fear can base itself off of is data that has been collected since you were born. And when you are making a choice for the future, you need to listen to something else.

This is where your body comes in…feelings are wisdom from our soul. You know your intuition, that feeling in your stomach, or whichever body part it is for you. For me it is in my heart…and not in the ‘ooo, I looove him’ way, but in a heavy or light, contract or expand kinda way.

Here’s how I choose:

First, I set the intention that I want to get completely honest with myself. Open to honesty is very important.

Second, I write down all my options, and allow myself to reflect if there are any more I haven’t considered…sometimes the best answer is a combination of all my choices.

Third, I take each option and play out in my mind how my life would be/look/feel if I made that choice

Fourth, as I play out each option, I pay close attention to how my body reacts. That place of intuition…does it expand or contract, light you up or tense you up, do you feel joy or sadness?

Now, keep in mind a choice may light you up, but also scare the hell outta you and that is an amazing thing! If you feel this way then that is your spirit telling you that is exactly what you should do, because this is a place of joyful growth!

The key is, when you do this…you have to be ready to be completely honest with yourself….because you may get an answer that you don’t want to really hear and then you will simply jump right back into your mind, arguing why you shouldn’t make that choice.

I know what my choice needs to be…now go make yours.

In love and courage,


Happiness is a choice…not a destination

I get frustrated that I’m not ‘there’ yet. I haven’t completed the path I am on…I think I’ll ‘be happy’ when….

But really…the there I am headed for doesn’t exist, it is an illusion because once I arrive there…I won’t be the same person and I will have a new there to reach for.

The key to happiness is living in the moment. Looking around you now and finding the joys that surround you.

Recognize each moment as divine, a miracle.

Recognize yourself as divine, a miracle.

You are here to experience love in all its many forms…this includes you.

Part of living in the moment is also experiencing who you are in this moment…right now. Are you immediately thinking of your flaws? Everything so called wrong with you? I know…it’s pretty easy to do to ourselves…it’s how we are trained as a society.

Let’s change that! Just imagine what it would feel like, if you only focused on your best qualities! Your body, your personality, your essence! Why…the world would be a different place and the love that poured from you would be nothing short of miraculous!

Right now…think of 3 things you absolutely adore about you.

I am thinking about my toes, my optimism, and my love for all things cheesy (real and figurative)!

Write these down today and use the power of love that comes to combat any negativity that comes your way today…ex. I tell myself I hate the way my hair looks today…I think, yes, but I have cute toes!!

I know it feels silly now. It usually does when we try new things, but the simple conscious act of bringing our focus back to gratitude for the small things makes it easier to do when we encounter big things.

Try it for a week and notice the shift.

Live Love,