Serenity: Healing YOU While Loving an Alcoholic


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Starts May 18th

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A Path Unlike Any Other

Loving an alcoholic can create a life filled with intense frustration, paralyzing uncertainty and fear, and overwhelming chaos.

It can also be filled with emotional manipulation and abuse – verbal, emotional and sometimes physical.
I know, I was married to an alcoholic for 14 years.

I knew he needed help, but I also knew I needed to heal. There was so much buried in me that left me depressed, exhausted and utterly empty.

Traditional methods weren’t ‘helping’ me – other then providing what felt like a band-aid to a gaping wound.

So, I began searching for a path to healing my life.

This was my journey:
In 2002, I fell in love with a beautiful man.

A creative, passionate, rock-star who had the ability to own a room, make you laugh in any moment and know just the right song to play to set the mood.
He filled my heart and days with adventure and laughter.
We got married with visions of big things we were going to do together.
Six months into the marriage, my world shifted and I realized it.

I had married an alcoholic.

Had the signs always been there?
Yes, but when you are in love, sometimes you just don’t really see things (or think you can make it okay).

My days became more and more like living on an emotional roller coaster. Between the ever increasing drama and chaos that surrounds an alcoholic, I was also fighting for and mourning over the dreams we had created that I feared may never come to be.

To make it just a bit more challenging, I am also an Empath.

This means I could feel what HE was feeling (however, I didn’t know it at the time!)

At the time, I just knew he was hurting (because I was too!) and I thought if I could just help him, if I could just love him enough, if I could just DO SOMETHING better, then he would feel better and we could get back to living the life we imagined. I knew I didn’t want to just give up.

Well, you can’t want something more than the other person wants it….it won’t work. I tried everything from drs, rehabs, treatment facilities, 12 step groups…you name it.

None of it worked for me or really felt right….it always felt like a band-aid covering a deeply bleeding wound.

There was always a feeling of powerlessness and I was done feeling powerless.
I was ready to feel powerful dammit!



At this point, I discovered Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life book and was hooked. I poured myself into everything I could find on thought creation, law of attraction, healing yourself, metaphysics and spirituality..I even went to school to earn my degree as a metaphysician.

And it helped…some.

But there were 3 things that I just could not reconcile with my personal life experience:

1. Thoughts Create Your Reality ~
If this was true, then WHY couldn’t I seem to make this work…why was he still drinking and our life still in chaos

2. Every Relationship is a Reflection of you ~
This one….this one basically left me just saying WTF??!!!
How is his alcoholism a reflection of me??? I don’t get it.

3. You Experience Peace when you no longer allow the things happening outside of you to affect the inside~
I really thought…okay, but have you seen my life?? How do I NOT let what is happening with my husband affect me?
How can anyone possibly experience peace in the midst of this insanity??!!!

So I set out on a mission.
A mission of finding a way to experience these 3 statements in MY reality, that seemed, oh so impossible.

In this journey, I not only answered these questions, but I got so much more!
I learned:

tiny-heart-beats   How my Sensitive and Empathic soul works, so it becomes my greatest gift (not a curse)
tiny-heart-beats    How I can transmute the energy in any situation – powerful stuff
tiny-heart-beats    Tools to use to empower me in any relationship
tiny-heart-beats    Release fear in any moment and see it, own it and LOVE it…no matter what is happening
tiny-heart-beats    Experience deeper levels of trust for myself and Spirit
tiny-heart-beats    Confidence to take action and knowing what action is aligned with my highest truth
tiny-heart-beats    A very powerful and strong connection to the Angels

AND most importantly… how all this directly is applied to my marriage.

It took me over 8 years, but I did it.

And now, I want to help you do it too.

I want to help you step into feeling your power in a space that can feel oh-so-powerless.


Starts May 18th



Here is what others are saying about the program:

(names withheld for privacy)




I keep practicing it every day and its working. My husband and I are doing better, I have clearer boundaries and he understands it’s coming from a place of love. He is working on it too and oddly, last night he said he was getting tired of his own behavior!  ~ T.





My journey could have been less bumpy had I known these things and not learned them from the school of hard knocks. You are brilliant and if this is the first “counsel” for any of the group I hope they get it the first time. Amazing xoxo  ~ B.






Thank you!  I find this helping so much.  The very smallest to the very biggest of help.  The community of people who understand, your genuine compassion  and transparency and the tools you are sharing have been immense.  Sometimes emotional overwhelming yet always so worth the work. ~ T.







The messages you send speak right to my heart and soul  ~ C.






I own it, I know it and I am attracting all kinds of fresh, honest, genuine relationships. New friends, old good friends, business and human interaction. I am grateful for you and your wisdom. People listen ~  this is excellent information. Peace to all. ~ B.




Please note: This is NOT about fixing the alcoholic ~ this is a path for YOUR healing.


Ready to jump in?
You get:

  • The full 6 week journey ~  including daily messages from the angels and tools for reclaiming your power
  • Access to the intimate private facebook group with others who are working through and overcoming the same challenges
  • Live videos sharing ways to help you go deeper for full transformation.
  • Unconditional love and support with access to me directly in the FB group.
Starts May 18th

Grab the special $22 pricing here:

2 thoughts on “Serenity: Healing YOU While Loving an Alcoholic

  1. I live with an alcoholic who is very verbally abusive when he drinks but sober, he’s the best guy ever. It’s getting bad now though. Not sure I can take much more. Feeling very lost and alone.

    • You are not alone. There are many of us out there. It is important to create a support network to help you move through this. You have many options in front of you…even if it FEELS as though you have none.
      Please get support from somewhere, whether it is a 12 step group, domestic violence shelter, my healing group, or a good friend.
      It is time to let yourself receive some support. Most of all…keep yourself safe

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