Ready to Trust!

This is gonna be ah-ma-zing! A deep dive transformational experience to help YOU learn to trust yourself, Spirit, others and your body so no matter what comes your way you can face it with peace and confidence.

I will share the tools that I personally have used that transformed my relationship with life allowing me to dance with uncertainty and embrace whatever came my way.



Let’s do this.

Is this you?

  • You can’t decide what you should do, so you spend a week talking to all your friends and getting their opinion, but they all say something different leaving you more confused than before. Result – you do nothing.
  • You meet someone you like – it could be that cute new guy or simply someone totally cool that you could see being new best friend. You want to relax but all you seem to do is live in your head, criticizing yourself, wondering if your outfit is good enough or self-correcting yourself to ensure you are like-able to them.
  • You have a dream. You want to start a biz, but you feel lost in wondering how to get from point A to point B. You watch others who just seem to be in the flow and almost like magic, everything they do seems to just work out. You try and try, but it only seems that the more you try to control the steps, the less it works.
  • You want it. You can even see the next step to take glaring at you, but you are froze. Fear is running through you and all you do is begin to play the ‘what if’ game in your head. You talk yourself out of wanting it. You rationalize that it wasn’t the right time, place, person, etc anyway. You convince yourself not doing it was the right choice, but you wonder…did you actually choose not to or did you simply choose by default?


Any of this ring a bell?

Then TRUST may be a challenge for you.

You see TRUST is all about feeling safe. Feelings of safety come directly from Connection.

Connection to Self, Spirit, Others and Your Body.

Having trust in these key areas allows you to walk tall with confidence, own your choices without needing everyone’s opinion. In fact, you will get to the point that you don’t want their opinion because it will just add noise.

Imagine simply showing up feeling grounded, calm and confident and filled with an inner peace.


knowing that even if you jump into fear or let anxiety take hold, you know the exact tools to bring you back to your center balance and place of peace. You will be the effing zen master of inner peace baby!

This program was born from trust. Literally thought about sharing the topic of trust on my next livestream an I kept hearing the word trust and had a random thought to create a program around trust. Then I hit record and announced that within the week, I would be releasing this program. At that point, I had no idea what it would look like or what specifically I would talk about, but I TRUSTED that I was not alone and it would all work out.

Now, here we are. A week later and I am so excited to share this with you. I can tell you it will be powerful, deep and if you do the work transformative.






Here is what we will cover:

Trusting Self = Releasing Fear

How to know the difference between Stop Fear and Let’s Do This, but I’m Terrified Fear. How to take back your power from fear when you feel like it is running the show. How to stop and get re-connected to your truth, so no matter what the situation is you know you can always, ALWAYS trust yourself and how to stay in integrity with your truth.

Trusting Spirit = Releasing Control

This is probably one of the greatest areas people struggle with. This is where you will heal your mis-perceptions of Spirit (that you most likely learned as a child) and learn to partner with Life. This is not about religion or a specific belief system. This is about reconnecting to that infinite energy (God, Spirit, Source, Goddess, or what name you choose) and using this connection as a source of support and love. Knowing that you are not alone and don’t have to figure this all out for yourself is both a huge relief and a bigger trigger. Learning to surrender is life changing in itself.


Trusting Others = Releasing Insecurity

When you trust yourself and Spirit fully, you no longer have to worry about others opinion, actions and beliefs. You realize that no matter who shows up or what they do, you will know how to tune in and hear your truth. You will know how to stand in your power and release your victim mindset. This is the space you stand in when you are practicing trusting others. From here, you also realize, it does not matter how you look, what body shape you have, what your bank account looks like, if you are in the cool club or not. Because you know, like you know, like you know…it’s never about that stuff anyway. It’s always about your energy. And when you are grounded in your truth you feel peaceful, confident and effing powerful….this is what others FEEL with you. The other shit doesn’t matter.

Also, how to apply the concept that nothing they say/do is actually about you


Trusting Your Body = Releasing Doubt

The number one question my clients first ask me is Jenean, can you help me stop feeling so damn much???

My response? Impossible.

What I tell them and I will tell you, is it is possible to UNDERSTAND what you emotions are saying to you, so you can shift it. It is possible to learn to manage your emotions so they don’t control you.

The amazing result of this work is that you will no longer doubt yourself because you will understand how to communicate with your body and life itself.


Ready to build your trust muscles so you can live with peace and confidence?

We start Fri Feb 16 – On the Chinese New Year/ New Moon

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