Who I AM

I am a highly-sensitive, empathic, intuitive who happens to talk to angels (and the occasional loved one who has crossed over). I am 50% practical and 50% total woo-woo and for me to use any concept, idea or perspective it has to make both sides happy.  It is my belief, that for woo-woo concepts to be effective, they must have practical application and use in our everyday lives.

I am a possibility addict with a unique knack for helping you uncover your truth.

My virtual home here is where I share practical tools and strategies to help you:

  • Master the fear conversation
  • Heal self-doubt and shame
  • Understand your Sensitive and Empathic Self, so you can turn it from a curse to a superpower
  • Survive and Thrive While Loving an Alcoholic (or any challenging relationship)
  • Learn to develop your intuition and connect with the angels
  • Find peace in any moment, no matter what chaos surrounds you
  • Reclaim Your Power in Any Moment with Any Person

I believe that the Divine exists in every person and every moment. I believe that we always have a choice. That it is not what happens to us, but how we respond to it. It does not matter what we do, but how we do it.

The Divine is there, it is our job to shift our perception to see it.

I see myself akin to a lighthouse that guides you safely through your darkness and transformation.

I operate my life and my biz from 3 universal principles:

1. Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

2. Every person and experience is a reflection of you

3. Peace exists in any moment when you no longer allow what is happening outside of you to affect what happens inside.

I do this through my various programs, books and a select few that I coach privately.

It’s no coincidence you have arrived here.

Let’s begin.

My Journey

I found I never could quite fit anywhere…the molds were just not right. So I began a search. To find the right place, with the right people and the right job that would allow me to finally feel comfortable.

I’ve changed jobs, homes, friends, cities and religions . I’ve faced a brain tumor and won. I have lost moments, love and sometimes it felt like I lost my mind. But…I have gained powerful insights, a Bachelor’s degree in Divinity, and some amazing relationships as well as a strong trust that the Universe always has my back. I’ve personally experienced as well as coached and supported many people through some of the most challenging issues life has to offer and found meaning and purpose in every moment.

I love what I do and love even more the people that allow me to do it.

My journey in life has led me to you right here, right now…in this moment

as you have been led to me.

Let’s begin our journey together

Live Love,


8 thoughts on “Who I AM

  1. Jenean I love your words of purpose! This blog is awesome! I pray you will live the desires of your heart, and soar beyond your eyes can see! Love ya, Shanitria Kittrell

  2. You have really grown. Thanks for sharing your growth with me.

  3. I’m inspired to know who you were and watch you transform into who you were meant to be.

  4. Mrs. Zunk I need a little help from you please. I noticed that not only do we share the same first name (spelled the same even) but I also am a huge fan of Mr. Walsh and do believe I came across your site for a reason. If possible and when you have time, will you please contact me at my e-mail address? Thank yyou for your time.

  5. Awesome Walmart Experience! Loved how you created a space of awesome for yourself!!!!!

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