Love Holds No Grievances


In a world filled with chaos, how do you still see God/dess?
When people appear to be so filled with hate, judgement and anger how can you still find goodness and love?
When the you watch the news daily and it is filled with trauma, how can you find healing?

Simple. You train your eyes to look for it.


ACM (A Course in Miracles) says Love Holds No Grievances. 

You have to train your eyes to look past your sight to see the presence of God.


Life fully transforms before your very eyes when you learn to look with Love.

As you interact with people daily, do you see the light in them or do you only focus on their faults and errors?

Can you allow yourself to begin to see everyone as a teacher for you to reconnect deeper with yourself? That each person is there to show you the error in your own thinking that is preventing you from experiencing your own Divine nature wholly?

This is the challenge I offer you today.

I find people fascinating. I could watch them all day.

I absolutely love learning how people think and why they believe what they believe.

This alone has taught me a greater understanding of humanity itself and I have come to see firsthand how Everyone is truly doing the best they can based on their current understanding. When they know better, they do better.

Each day, we have the opportunity to ‘reset’ and ‘refocus’. When we do this, we always bring ourselves back to our true nature which is Divine Love.

One way I do this is to make time each day to read and connect to a message of Love and this is why I jumped at the chance to contribute to the book Goodness Abounds: 365 True Stories of Loving Kindness.


It is literally a years worth of true stories of acts of loving kindness. It is a great way to teach your eyes to see beyond the veil of fear and back into love. It helps you focus on the amazing people out there doing small acts that affect not only their lives, but also all those who hear their story.

This book is the salve for the wound of doubt upon the heart.

You can check it out here.

Go out and see the good in the world and let this transform you.

All my love,


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