Feels Like Life is Conspiring Against You?

Have you ever experienced this?
You finally make the decision that you are going to stop doing things out of obligation.
You feel good about this decision, you feel like hell yeah, it’s time.
Over the next week, it seems like everyone on earth needs something from you. Practically every time you turn around, someone is asking you to do something.
You say no, but after so many requests (and sob stories) you begin to feel the pressure and cave in.
You make the choice to cut out sugar for 2 weeks.
Suddenly, everyone is bringing donuts to the office, birthday celebrations and potlucks with towers of delectable sugary treats and you find your willpower melting…quickly.
At some point, a girl begins to wonder….Is the Universe conspiring against me??!!
The short answer: No, I promise, it’s not.
The longer answer: You are experiencing what I call the turkey-pan phenomena.
Go ahead and laugh, I thought it was crazy when I first discovered it, but it makes so much sense and things suddenly seem less like the Universe is attacking you with what you don’t want. It helps you to stay focused on what you do want.
Here’s how it works:
You know after you cook a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner and the pan is full of stuck-on bits of crustiness and grease. So you add some soap and water and begin to scrub.
The dishwater that was once clean is now filled with crusties and grease and looks icky, but as you keep scrubbing and rinsing, the water and the pan get clearer and clearer, until no more icky is left.
That is exactly what happens when we start to make a change.
The decision is the point where we add soap and water to our lives. As we stick with that decision, everything that is not in alignment with it will come up…all our darkness, grease, crusties and ick.
It can feel like life is a bit dirtier and icky than before.
It is simply the Universe showing you what is ready to be cleared, released and healed in order for you to be in alignment with what you say you want.
It is a reflection. A tool. A gift.
When we stick with it and we keep moving forward in spite of how things look on the outside, pretty soon, things begin to run clear again. Our pan and water is clean and life is better than before.
Keep going forward, don’t let the dirty water scare you. Keep scrubbing.
Your instincts led you here, trust your instincts now and know that you are on the correct path.

*This is actually one of the lessons I share in the Serenity: Healing YOU While Loving an Alcoholic group.

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