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I shared in my last post how I began connecting with Jesus (apprehensively) and the questions I asked him around sin, the resurrection and why he was showing up for me at this time.

It created a great deal of response and based on the emails I received it hit home for many of you.

If you missed it, you can read it here.

Now, I would like to take you deeper into our conversation where we talk about ‘Jesus – the healer’, the Christ Consciousness within each of us and what that has to do with your personal evolution.

*I would like to remind you that this is a personal account and am sharing as a way to help others understand what I have come to understand. I am sharing from the space of love, so if it doesn’t feel right to you, that is okay…simply move on.*


Me: ‘Now that I understand sin and the intention behind the resurrection, help me understand something else.

If I (all of us) are like you, then what about the healing you did- you know, the spontaneous healing that is plastered all throughout the Bible. I can’t do that.
If I work with you this year and learn to embrace my inner Christ Consciousness, does that mean I am going to be able to start randomly healing people?’

Jesus: ‘I didn’t heal them.’

Me (confused): ‘WHAT?!

What about the leper and the servant of that follower and that blind man and the guy who couldn’t walk and all the accounts of people who were healed simply by touching your clothes?!

I have heard these stories read directly from the Bible and have heard them recounted over and over throughout my life. It is always told…and Jesus said, Go and be healed or May you be healed…or something like that.
Are you telling me none of them are true?’

Jesus: (being all irritatingly calm and patient)

‘I didn’t say that. Those people were healed, but I didn’t heal them.’

Me: Long silent pause, then, ‘I don’t understand.’

Jesus: ‘Get your Bible and I will show you.’

So I grab my bible and sit down.

Jesus: ‘Open it to a story of where it talks about one of those healings.’

To be honest, I don’t know where in the Bible the stories are; I was never good at remembering those things.

So, I did what I always do when I ask for a message from a book. I close my eyes and open it. Then scan the page until something jumps out at me.

EVERY time I opened the Bible during this conversation with Jesus it opened to one of the stories sharing a healing miracle. EVERY. TIME.

Side note: I did not write down the scripture locations as I never intended to write about this, so you will have to look these stories up on your own if you desire.

…back to our conversation…

I opened the book to the first story and read it.

Me: Okay, I have read the story, but I don’t see what you are talking about. It says right here: ‘…and Jesus said, Go and be healed.”

Jesus: That is only part of the sentence….keep reading.

Me: Okay.  ‘…and Jesus said, Go and be healed … the level of your belief.’ 

My eyes widened as I started to get what he was saying……

Jesus: Yes. That is it.

I did not heal them. I simply held the connection so that they could choose to receive the healing for themselves. Their belief was a critical component.
If they did not believe, they were not healed.

But since seeing is believing for many, when they saw others heal, they believed they could too.

I am no different, nor more powerful than any one of you. Yet, I had a clear understanding and trust in the co-creative nature of the Universe. I clearly understood that I was a channel for God to work through. I learned to release any resistance.

Me: If this is true, then why are you seen as ‘special’ and ‘chosen’? Why didn’t people simply start healing themselves then and now?


First, my intention was not to show how great I was, but to help others see what was possible; in an attempt to help them discover their own greatness.

I was demonstrating the power within, yet because people were used to being controlled and felt powerless,  they could not recognize their own power within and misunderstood my message. I was then glorified as though I was somehow different from them.

Second: Other people have done it and are doing it today. The planet is healing at a rapid rate from the mass fear that has run rampant for so long.

There are healers of all types – doctors, shamans, energy workers, therapists that are all doing exactly what I did. Holding the space and connection for you to receive the level of healing you choose to allow.



Jesus said, be like me.

As a means of saying see how I am being. See my connection to God, see how I show up. See what energy I am giving.  Now go do that.

Instead…we began to make him special. Different somehow from us.

Which is not true and was never the point.

Yet we still chose to see him as special because we did not yet have faith in our own connection and divinity, nor see our own worth.

This is the part of his teaching that is so widely misunderstood.

That is what many of us are clearing in this lifetime. It is why so many struggle with accepting our power and have the ‘not enough’ syndrome. As we clear these in this lifetime, we will no longer have to work through these issues.

His greatest desire for you at this time is for you to learn to cultivate, trust and know your own Divine connection.

To feel the power that surges through you as a natural response to your own creative and healing energies.

You are powerful. Just as powerful as Jesus and it is time to own it.

Such a deep message and I encourage you to begin to cultivate your connection starting now and here is a simple way to begin.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath.

Call on Jesus to help you with forming this Divine connection.

Put your hand on your heart and just focus on the steady beat.

Take another deep breath saying out loud or in your mind:

I breathe in trust.

I breathe out peace.
Notice what sensations occur.

Ask one question.

Let the thought that immediately pops into your head be the answer.

Sending you big love,


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