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Every morning, I make time to have a chat with my Spirit Posse (that team of angels, guides, goddesses, loved ones, etc that are here to help me on my highest life path.)

It is always revealing, loving and inspiring. (psstt….you have a team too! I highly recommend you begin chatting with them.)

Anyway, at the start of 2016, to my surprise a new player joined the team – Jesus.

I was very surprised because although I was raised in a christian home, I never purposefully connected with him due to the many, many unanswered questions I had carried forward from my youth.

There was so much that religion taught me when I was younger that just never made sense to me. And because I was young, I tied all that confusion and frustration up around the key word that was used….Jesus.

This is why I was more drawn to words like Universal or Divine or Spirit because the words carried less baggage.

Yet, here he was  ~ Jesus.

Patient and strong. Ready to connect with me – the one who I had avoided anything to do with for years.


One day in late January, as he continually showed up to my Spirit sessions, I politely asked him if he was going to be around for a while?
He replied with a yes, he would be working with me quite closely this year.

I took a deep breath and took that in. To be honest, my initial thought was ‘Shit.’

I would be working with someone who triggered a great deal of mixed emotions in me, so just like I would do with a co-worker, I asked to have some get-to-know you time as I had many unanswered questions and if we were going to work closely together (and to uphold my commitment of being an open channel) then I needed to clear some things up.

My exact words were: “Well, if you are going to be sticking around, then we need to talk. I have a lot of unanswered questions and shit that just doesn’t make sense.”


He was only too happy to oblige and was pleased that I would choose to ‘clear the air’ so quickly.

We had several conversations over the coming weeks and it brought me clarity around so much. It literally shifted my entire understanding of Jesus and his purpose.



These conversations changed my perspective in such a way that I feel it is important to share, because if I had questions, I know others do as well.

*Side note: I am standing in a very vulnerable space in sharing these conversations, so I would love for you to be open in reading it. Take what feels right for you. If it doesn’t feel aligned with your heart…that’s okay…just move on to another post.*


My first question was “Why are you here? Why now?”

He explained that this year I will be learning that I am just like him (that in fact we all are). I will begin to really embody the Christ Consciousness; as part of my purpose as a light worker is to help others embody the Christ Consciousness within them.

*Cue freakout moment*

Eyes wide and standing disbelief and skepticism, I replied with a sarcastic teenager-y, “Really. That is a bit hard to believe.”


I was raised in a christian home, but have struggled to understand how the bible relates to all that I know about the Universe now. I just couldn’t get past the idea of sin, worshiping God or how exactly did Christ die for my sins among other things.


I decided to set the whole Christ Consciousness thing aside and start with something that feels a bit more close to home for me.

Me: ‘If God is all -loving then where the hell does sin fit in to all of this? How can I be born ‘bad’ if he loves me unconditionally? If I am a part of God and he created me, then how can I be ‘bad’ from birth? That doesn’t make any sense!”

Jesus: It is simply a language issue. (Like the angels, he makes everything sound so simple…lol)

Replace the word ‘sin’ with ‘fear’.

Fear is simply a perception of disconnection from the Spirit within.


The ‘original sin’ as you call the Eve eating the apple story…was simply the beginning of the awareness of fear.

The snake represents the choice to listen to the ego and eating the apple was the ingestion of fear into the world. The beginning of the perception that one can be disconnected from God (which is not true, but simply a perception).

The casting out of the Garden of Eden was simply a perception that God was no longer supporting them as they were now creating life from a place of fear and not love.

Their thoughts created their reality. (Law of Attraction)
Just like when you are in lack- it is you creating this experience from fear/disconnection. When you reconnect with the truth of who you are and focus on your connection, abundance is a natural outcome.


Another example of this is pain during childbirth is a belief that was chosen out of the disconnected or fear thoughts. Childbirth doesn’t have to be painful….but that idea is so deeply accepted. Change your thoughts and you change your reality.


Me: “What about the resurrection and the whole idea that you died for our sins??”


Jesus: I had spoken, taught and demonstrated through life how to live from connection to Spirit (God)…basically, how to live from love.  Yet, people at that time still had a great fear of death.

His resurrected so others would see there is nothing to fear. Death was the greatest fear at that time and by transcending death, he was demonstrating that death does not exist for anyone.

The only way I could assist them to move beyond that fear was to demonstrate there is no death.  Hence the resurrection story.


Me: “Why did you have to die in such a tragic way?”

Jesus: Because I chose to use my death as an opportunity to unify people. During tragic times, people get out of their heads (disconnection) and drop into the moment and their heart (connection).
They stop (even if for a short time) looking for success outside of them and search for re connection. Hitler, 9/11, all the world wars…were tragic, but also a great blessing and call to love.
It gave the world a point of connection that was desperately needed to evolve.



Wow! Holy love balls this changes so much from what I was taught (or maybe how I heard it).

I will share more in next week’s post as I talk with Jesus and his ability to heal others and how that relates to our own Christ Consciousness.

Until then..BIG LOVE,



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  1. This resonates so much with me!! I was raised in an atheist home, muslim country so much baggage arouns god, all the prophets, angels. But Christ Consciousness download was coming into me and I have no idea what to do with it except to be more loving and inviting more and letting go of the fear and being bad brave 💕🤗

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