3 Fun Energy Games

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I love energy games!

Playing with energy is a fun way to see how connected and powerful you are.

I started playing energy games to help me develop my psychic skills, but what it did was teach me just how interconnected everything is and how malleable our reality is.


Everything is energy and energy is everything.

This is such a simple concept, but hard for me to fully grasp when looking at things like walls and humans. These games really drove that point home in a very tangible – see-able way.


I encourage you to play a game with yourself and try one or all of these out – the key word here is game – if you begin to feel frustrated, angry, disappointed, etc, then stop.
That is only creating resistance….the point of this is fun and with practice, it will get easier 😉



Here are my favorite 3 games:

1. Seeing auras

Seeing auras is actually pretty simple once you train your eyes

~ start by looking at your hand, foot or other part of you easy to see
~ use a solid black or white background (once you get comfortable you will be able to see it while walking through Target if want)

I will use the hand as an example.
Take 3 deep relaxing breaths
Hold your hand out in front of you
Soften your eyes and hold your gaze, just as you would if you were looking at one of those 3D pictures.

I found it easier to do in the dark personally because there is less light to contend with when softening your eyes.

If you don’t get it the first time, keep practicing, it will come.


2. Stargazing Through Your Ceiling

This just happened one night when I was lying in bed practicing seeing the aura of my hand. I stared at the ceiling for a moment with the same gaze as above when you look at auras….eyes softened and suddenly the ceiling disappeared and I saw the stars!

I was so shocked and excited that I did it for hours. Now I do it anytime I need to remember that I am connected to the Universe, to remind me that I am powerful and creating change is not hard 😉


3. Change your walk

Our thought energy is manifested in how we carry ourselves. If you feel confident, you may walk with your shoulders back, if you feel insecure you may walk with your head down.

Try role-playing with your walk and notice your energy shift to match it. I have even had achy hips before and by doing this the ache went away.

This is simple:
just like a child pretends or an actor role-plays, decide who you want to be.

Start walking as yourself, then choose to imagine you are this other person. How would they walk?
For example…the BeeGees have a certain walk, how different does it feel to walk like them?

Sometimes I imagine I am a person (like a movie star on the red carpet) other times I imagine a certain type of person, powerful, strong, muscular, lean, graceful, etc.

Each time I change the focus of the person and take a few steps as if I was that person, I can feel the energy in my body shift to match it.

This is really fun to do at work, when you need something to focus on besides the complaining co-worker. It turns the most mundane job into a game!


Do you have a favorite energy game you play? Share with me in the comments!


Have fun,



2 thoughts on “3 Fun Energy Games

  1. Jenean – you’ve given me new tools to use to heighten my senses and awareness. Thanks. When I take a walk I often put my palms up and welcome warmth and light into my body. I then state that I bring that into me from head to toe and I sweep my hands that direction. I also like to give myself a hug for energy and love.

    • That is a great idea…welcome light…love it. Thanks for sharing with us!

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