{RBB} Squats and Hullabaloo


So last week, I had my breakdown and my big, fat, juicy AHA moment and damn it was good (I almost had a cigarette!)

In case you missed it, you can read about it HERE.

With all the long hours and hullabaloo (who says that??), I basically did squat for exercise last week.

By squat I mean nothing ~ not that I actually did squats!

But that’s ok, because this week I am back on track and to keep things moving I need a little motivation.

This video reminds me that I am special and unique and just the same as everyone else.

I have something to share and damn it….I’m gonna look good doing it.

So here’s to you and me…baby, let your colors burst.

Wanna know more about what this challenge is and why you should join me?

Go here: my-weight-my-worth-my-money




3-10-13 009Women have lost the ability to trust in their own heart, listen to their bodies and believe in themselves and that is fueling our life of fear and scarcity.

It is part of my life’s purpose to help every woman reconnect with themselves and live a confident , prosperous life where you have the money, time and freedom to explore and create the life of your dreams.

It all starts with believing in you.” Jenean Zunk

Michelle Greenman is The Women’s Wellness Coach.MG1

I am a coach who works with professional women who want a healthier lifestyle, one that fits their busy schedule and gets results like maintaining a healthy weight, creating natural energy and disease proofing their bodies. My 7 steps natural health program teaches them how to take control their health, to know, love and transform their body.

Connect with me at http://www.michellegreenman.com


*Thanks to Cristian Santion for the photo!

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